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A strict routine to combat writers block

A strict routine to combat writers block, routine, schedule, writers, writing, writers block

I was meant to be blogging every day this month but I've missed a few days if you hadn't already realised - not because I'm lazy nor because of lack of content, but because I've just not felt inspired or motivated to do so. I've got over a months worth of content ideas written in my handy little notebook and I've been doing things which would make great content too but I've just been feeling like a sunken ship in all honesty BUT I truly believe only YOU can pull yourself out of the slumps - people say you have to ride your emotions and I agree to an extent, but I feel if I don't catapult myself into a strict routine I'll just end up drowning.

I've created a routine for myself, one that I really really really want to stick to - it's one of those things where I'll beat myself up if I don't stick to it because it's not even that hard, I just have to show up every day. I never do anything half-heartedly so hopefully by the end of next week I'll be feeling more inspired and motivated all thanks to my new strict schedule and when I say strict, I mean strict! 

08:00-08:30: Wake up and get ready like actually get out of my pjs lol
08:30-09:00: Blast some music, eat a healthyish breakfast and schedule posts
09:00-11:30: Work: reply to e-mails, write content, brainstorm ideas
11:30-12:00: Have lunch and prepare for the gym/work out session
12:30-13:30: Pilates (Monday's & Wednesday's) Home workout (Tuesday's, Thursday's and Friday's if I'm not dead)
13:30-14:30: Swimming (Monday's & Wednesdays) Back to work (Tuesday's, Thursday's and Friday's)
15:00-17:00: Work: online course, write content, record videos, take photos
17:00-20:00: Twitter chats (Monday's and Wednesday's) Relax
20:00-21:00: Watch Netflix for only ONE hour lol probably not but i'll give it my best shot!
21:00-22:00: Read and then bed time again, a long shot but i'll give it a good go!

How do you combat writers block?


  1. I hope this schedule helps you to feel motivated/inspired again! Remember to not be too hard on yourself though :) I've been in a bit of a rut lately too but I'm getting back on track & it feels so good to be writing again. I haven't found the number one 'cure' to writers block yet but tbh I don't really think there even is one - like you said you just have to pull yourself out of your slump x


    1. I'm only a day in but my god do I feel refreshed! Yeah I don't think there's a set thing for curing writers block but we all know what helps us as individuals so it makes it a little easier. Have you read Big Magic? By Liz Gilbert? x

  2. Blogging for a month is difficult! Back when I daily blogged I had so many ideas that I couldn't fit into the month but then when I was editing the post I felt like the idea was stupid. I guess when you second guess yourself you just decided to quit cold turky. lol ♥

    1. Aw bless you, did you finish your month?
      It's not the content or self doubt, it was literally that I had no motivatino cause life happens and it threw a spanner into the works lol x