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A love note to lazy Sundays

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Sundays to me, are crumpled bed sheets hugging your bones as you open one eye to the crisp morning sun peeping through your curtains. It is rolling over to find your dressing gown, putting it on and slowly making your way to the kitchen for your first cup of tea and maybe a few cheeky biscuits - okay, definitely a few cheeky biscuits. It is making your way back to bed with food and tea ready to watch something on Netflix whilst propped up and surrounded by warm comfy pillows. It is getting your toes attacked by a playful kitten before them resting on your chest purring loudly. It is roast dinner topped with a pint of gravy and candles lighting the room with a warm glow. It is blankets on the sofa as you settle down to write your plans for the next day, hot baths and fresh pyjamas. Sunday's are a day of rest, a day of relaxation and a day of recharging ready for the week ahead.

What do you love most about Sunday's?


  1. Sleeping in is the best part of the weekend! ♥

  2. This is wonderful and I fully agree with everything I love Sundays, even though I do have to work for most of them.


    1. Thank you Ciara, ugh I hated working on Sunday's but I suppose it makes you appreciate them more x