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The Autumn/Winter tag 2016

the autumn tag, autumn

I love Autumn, and Winter for that matter. I love the cold weather, the cosy nights and the crunchy leaves so naturally, I thought I'd do this thing called 'The Autumn Tag'  

What signifies the start of Autumn for you?

The start of Autumn to me is the first set of crunchy maroon leaves lying in a pile on the ground, the first crisp morning where you want to snuggle further under the blankets and the first time you wrap up in coats hats and scarves.

What is you favourite fall scent?

I absolutely love the the smell of fire: it reminds me of being curled up with my puppy in front of the roaring ruby fireplace, watching the snow fall gracefully from the sky whilst cradling a creamy hot chocolate topped with mini marshmallows.

What is your favourite Autumn colour?

Deep red, like a bit lighter than maroon: It reminds me of leaves and darkness and cosy hot water bottles

What is your favourite drink?My favourite is either hot chocolate cause lol whats better than reading a book with hot chocolate and marshmallows but then when you're out hot chocolate can make you a little sleepy so joint first would be a caramel latte from good old starbs.

What TV show, new or old, are you looking forward to this fall?

GILMORE GIRLS! So I'm currently watching the first 7 series - I'm on series 6 and I can't wait for the reunion in November! * all the heart eyes emoji*

What is your favourite fall fashion trend?In the autumn/winter I literally live in Jeans, jumpers and a scarf - I love the look of tights and dresses but I'm not that brave - I'm really sensitive to the cold and I'd probably die

What is your favourite frugal Autumn activity?

I love curling up in bed watching movies drinking tea and hot chocolate, reading and basically hibernating. When I do venture out I love ice skating even though I fall over all the time and I love going to the German market that comes to town and you can drink mulled wine out of a boot and it's all festive and amazing and like it literally smells like Christmas.

What is your favourite makeup look come autumnal weather?I literally wear the same makeup all year around: Winged eyeliner and a deep red lip.

What are you doing this Autumn?

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