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The perfect early morning routine

The perfect morning routine

I recently wrote "The ultimate guide to the best morning ever" - I confessed I wasn't actually doing those things at the time but it's how I wanted to spend my mornings but now I have been, I'd like to make some tweaks. I've only started doing this recently and it works better if you have a good night time routine too but honestly I've had the most peaceful mornings ever lately because I've been doing these things:

Get up early:

I'm a sucker for a lie in but I've been getting up at 8am - maybe not overly early but early enough considering it used to be like 10/11. I like to open my curtains in the night too so I wake up to the natural light - my room is quite small and my window is quite big so it's very bright which is great!

Don't touch your phone:

Unless you're turning your alarm off, back the fuck away from your phone. You don't need to check facebook or instagram or anything else, what you need to do is wake up listneing to the birds tweet and have a big ole' stretch to get your blood flowing. Honestly, I know I sound like your mum or something but I've been doing this for the past week and my mind has been SO MUCH clearer and I've been so much more productive cause yanno, we all fall into the trap of checking our stuff for 5 minutes and then oh look wheres those 3 hours gone?!


Instead of scrolling aimless through twitter, I've been picking up my book and reading a couple of chapters. Only for like half an hour but it's half hour more than I used to read. It stimulates my mind slowly so I still wake up naturally but I'm also gaining new knowledge at the same time.

Listen to an audio book:

Okay, I mentioned this one in my night time routine too but it's SO peaceful! I usually let my Harry Potter audiobook run into the morning, I turn it down to read but once I'm done reading I turn it back up and listen to it whilst having my breakfast.

Listen to music:

Audio books are soothing and peaceful, we don't want to stay in that sleepy state of mind so after my breakfast I tend to listen to my favourite songs full blast whilst doing my hair and makeup so I can get into the groove for the rest of the day and who doesn't love a morning karaeoke session ey?

How do you like to start your mornings?
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  1. I'm not the type to use my phone first thing in the morning. First thing when I wake up is go pee, let the dog out, get some water, wash my face, make my bed and then finally I will check my phone. However, I do quickly check if I've gotten any messages from my friends or family just in case something happened. ♥

    1. That's a good little routine you got going there Michelle! x