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60 things to be happy about

60 things to be happy about

Some days, you just have to take a nap and start again. Today well, yesterday for you guys, has been one of those days. everything went wrong and all technology decided it would go on holiday or something and crash and take 10 hours to upload one photo so I thought it'd be a GREAT idea to write a list of 60 things to be happy about/grateful for. Tomorrow is a new day and I'm ready to kick some ass just thinking about it.

  1. Fresh bedding
  2. Fresh pyjamas
  3. Fresh knickers
  4. Fluffy blankets
  5. Big cosy jumpers
  6. Watching the rain tap against the window panes
  7. Facetime with my Nan and Bamps
  8. Tummy rubs 
  9. Cwtches with Nala
  10. Tea at it's perfect temperature
  11. Feeling motivated
  12. Feeling inspired
  13. Reading a book that you literally cannot put down
  14. Hot water bottles
  15. Half price Terry's Chocolate Oranges
  16. Half price double-stuff oreos
  17. Costa festive cups
  18. Starbucks festive cups
  19. Bus rides with earphones
  20. Bus rides without screaming babies
  21. Splashing in puddles 'cause if you can't beat the rain, you may as well enjoy it
  22. Fluffy slippers 
  23. Hot baths
  24. Lush products making your room smell AMAZING
  25. Catch ups with mumma
  26. Watching films when you feel sad
  27. The smell of a new notebook
  28. Humming along to your favourite TV series theme tune
  29. The feel of writing with a new pen
  30. Hot chocolate and marshmallows
  31. Singing in the shower
  32. Sitting in a cafe watching the world go by
  33. Watching the ocean 
  34. Watching the sunset
  35. Writing poetry
  36. Writing anything
  37. Recording videos and feeling more confident about yourself every day
  38. Socks that fit perfectly
  39. Boots that actually keep your feet warm and dry in the rain
  40. Coats that actually keep you warm as well as looking good
  41. Sitting down after a long day
  42. Eating your favourite meal just before your stomach starts eating itself
  43. When your instagram feed is on fleek
  44. Words of encouragement when you're feeling less than
  45. Birds singing in the morning sun
  46. Having a tidy room
  47. Writing without expectation and producing a masterpiece
  48. Cheap train tickets
  49. Kind deeds
  50. Smiles from strangers
  51. Equal eyeliner flicks
  52. Fluffy hats that don't make you look like you have a moon head
  53. Scarves that cover your entire face
  54. Shooting the perfect flatlay
  55. Getting things right first try
  56. Not letting your anxiety ruin your day
  57. Embracing life and smiling regardless of the fuck ups
  58. Scented candles that actually make the room smell AMAZING
  59. Love letters of appreciation
  60. Being alive

This has actually made me feel SO MUCH better. I feel relieved that I have a post to go live tomorrow or today for you guys, and now I feel I can relax, drink tea, watch films and wake up feeling refreshed/ I have a big to do list for tomorrow and I'm actually so excited to get started hopefully i still feel this way in the morning lol. I think I'm going to try and write down at least 3 things I'm happy about/grateful for a day because writing 60 things to be happy about was just so easy once I got into the swing of it. 

What are you grateful for today?


  1. I love these kinds of posts cause they're always such a great reminder that there are so many little things to be happy about :) Today I'm grateful that I got to spend the day at home just doing my thing x


    1. Aw thank you! Yes I enjoy writing them when I'm feeling sad and ungrateful to make me see that there's so much joy and happiness around me xx

  2. Drinking your tea at that perfect temperature is something to be extremely happy about! I often either burn my tongue or have to reheat my tea. ♥

    1. Yaaaaaaas haha I love it when it just ~slightly~ burns the back of my throat still xx

  3. "Equal eyeliner flicks" – is that a real thing that people are able to achieve?? Haha. I love a good appreciating-the-little-things post. thank you :)

    Nicole | explosive bagel

    1. Ive only achieved it once and like I felt like an actual QUEEN!
      Big love to you Nicole x