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My first kiss - SPOILER: it wasn't very romantic

My first kiss - SPOILER: it wasn't very romantic

We all have first kiss stories, well, at least most of us have by now. Mine happened when I was the mature age of 12 lol outside of a youth club double lol one beautiful summers evening - well I'm pretty sure it was summer anyway. 

The sky was turning navy blue with a mixture of beautiful vibrant pinks and purples merging together to make one glorious sunset. We were outside, me and my then boyfriend. We had been friends for a qhile, growing closer and closer and eventually, when he and his girlfriend split up, we got together. It was quite a strange night. Us emo kids were in the youth club listening to heavy metal as ya do cause Saturday's were 'Mosher' nights meaning NO CHAVS ALLOWED! There was a fair going on about a 10 minute walk away, too. My friends, boyfriend and I were laughing, joking, fucking around as kids do. Then my friend got a text from her friend saying she was at the fair and was scared or depressed or something? Either way it was alarming enough for us to be all like "Oh shit lets literally SPRINT there and try and sort it out" and I never sprint so that's saying something. 

Obviously I didn't want to leave my new boyfriend because lol young love an all that but needs must and I told him very dramatically that I had to leave and be some kind of super hero. He understood he was a nice boy really, and he wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me in for a cuddle goodbye. We followed the cliche by looking into one anothers eyes, his were twinkling at the sight of my beautiful face LOLOLOL and he leaned in for a big ol' smoocharoony. My mind started go a little bit loopy, thinking werd things and wondering whether I was a good kisser cause c'mon, everyone wonders that don't they? I think I kept my eyes a little bit open at first cause I wanted to sort of witness my fist kiss as well as participate in it. My friends were 'wooing' and 'ahhing' in the background until one of them hurried me and so the smoocharoonies stopped and I was sprinting to a fun fair with my friends, cigarette in one hand, phone in another I was trying to text the boyf asking if I was a good kisser or not LOL. The night ended with me on the fat off fair ground ride the size of 3 houses stacked on top of eachother and gaining a fear of hights but that's a story for another day.

What was your first kiss like? 

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