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October through my camera lense

october through my camera lense

I really don't understand how it's November already. Seriously, this year has gone too quick. I mean, I remember people telling me that time flies when you get older and I never believed them but I didn't think they meant it went by this quick.
I'm not a fan soz, can it be like May again, please?

I've done quite a bit this month, a spontaneous trip to wales, graffiti pieces, burlesque shows etc. so I thought I'd show you the photo's I've accumulated over the past month. Also, I'm thinkin' of doing this every month cause I aim to take at least 3 photos a week cause I've made a scrapbook & I really wanna step up my insta-game.

  1. Can't do a graffiti piece without a cheeky selfie. 
  2. My third ever graffiti piece which I'm pretty pleased with
  3. Marshmallows at the all you can eat buffet place I went to with my Nan and Bamps
  4. A pretty building in Cardiff center where I smelt the NICEST doughnuts (didn't have any though)
  5. The best top ever! Literally, a cowboy cactus which says "Look but don't touch"
  6.  A tea & hot chocolate catch up with an old friend
  7. A squirrel that literally stopped and posed for me thanks bae
  8. A friend and I went to a Little Mermaid sing-a-long
  9. The prettiest leaves ever & the start of autumn <3

  1. The greatest snapchat filter ever (my user is b0rialis)
  2. Waterstones has the cutest cafe ever & plug sockets for emergency phone charging
  3. Lush press event where I met some wonderful women *strong arm emoji*
  4. The merry-go-round on the beach which looked super nice when I was sad
  5. Nala being extra loving (she bit me after this photo lol)
  6. Mumma bought me a pumpkin and I got some flowers for blog photos
  7. I interviewed a tattoo artist and the post got over 4500 views in one day
  8. I woke up and found Nala in between me and Shane (she was kicking me trying to make me move over)
  9. The first hot chocolate of the season yum yum

What was your favourite thing about October?

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