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So I fugured since you lot are clearly nosy by the amount of views last weeks post got, I thought I'd make this a weekly thing - reflecting on my week in photographs and the photos should be beaut now that I've got my new camera! Although, because I'm starting to do weekly vlogs, I don't know if you guys will like this AND a video about my week so let me know in the comments or tweet me saying if you would like it or not.

I spent most of sunday night writing/cutting things up so I can do a weekly #mondaymotivation type post on twitter - this is the first one which I'm pretty please about. We went to the range and I got some more photo props basically a load more fake flowers lol and so I took lovely photographs of my baby Nala whos still being more loving than usual I think shes pregnant because shes got a fat belly lol. MY CAMERA CAME!! It is amazing and beautiful and I can now start my youtube channel properly and weekly vlog which is really fun and egotistical lol. I've been having lovely cold autumnal evenings with this divine candle from the range. It smells heavenly! 

We went to the hospital Wednesday and I stayed up until 3am editing some of my vlog only to wake up and think "what the hell is this shit" and restart it all but it looks hella fly now so it's cool. I have so many video ideas I cannot WAIT to share with you all. I'm feeling so inspired this week which is bloody amazing!

I hope you guys have had a good week, what's been your favourite thing?


  1. I love your photo style, it's really simple and I love just throwing in the flowers to give it a nice aesthetic, I'm gonna throw some flowers on my cat next time I'm home, it will make him look even prettier hahaha! Looking forward to watching your vlogs.


    1. Thank you very much ahah I always think my photos are crap haha but yes flowers make everything better! xxx

  2. Lovely pictures - so jealous of your new camera, it looks so beautiful and fabulous! Your cat looks so cute and cuddly in that photo - also love the number of Costa coffee cups in these photos haha!

    Why were you at the hospital? Hope everything's ok!? Definitely need to check out your videos!

    JosieVictoriaa // Fashion, Travel & Lifestyle

    1. Thank you lovely and oh jesus it's the most amount of money I've spent on anything and I don't regret it at all haha. Don't be deceived by my cat, she appears to be lovely and cuddly but in reality she is literally Satan hahah! Yeah everything's all good, bae had to have an operation is all but thank you for checking in! xxx