Reflecting on this past week


Reflecting on this past week

You may be wondering where my post for yesterday is, well.. this is it. I wanted to do a 'my week in photos' post AND get a video out so I kinda had to do both today plus Saturday was spent tidying, and watching rugby. So basically, you'll have this post on my blog today to make up for not having one yesterday and then a video on my Youtube as well!

Reflecting on this past week

This week I've mainly been being creative. I started a new scrapbook where I've written out my November goals, and where I will be sticking in photographs and bits of writing that I love. It's helped me become more organised too because even though I absolutely LOVE stationery, to do lists and shit is just so boring I'd rather not do it, but now I paint my pages and cut newspapers out etc it's become more fun writing what I've gotta do this month. It's like a visual diary I guess.
Gino got a new lightbox so him, Shane and myself have been in the back room drawing or in my case colouring in my colouring book and the atmosphere has been amazing for getting my creative juices flowing.
I interviewed another tattoo artist this week and I'm looking forward to sharing it with you next week. We ended up speaking more about spirituality and veganism but I'm totally down with that 'cause you all know how much I love discussing that sort of thing.
Nala has been very loving this week too, she's been lying in between Shane and I and then burrowing under the blankets to pop her face up by mine to sleep. Although, she's gotten cheekier as well - we've caught her a few times going into her food box and pulling out pouches of food even if we'd just fed her!
Lastly, I bought an Olympus Pen E-PL7 and I'm SO EXCITED for it to arrive! One of my goals this month was to start vlogging and so I'll be starting when my Olympus pen arrives 'cause right now, I can't carry my DSLR as it's SO HEAVY!

Reflecting on this past week

This weekend has been pretty chill. We spent te majority of Saturday tidying up, changing the bed sheets etc. and then I watched the rugby which pissed me off cause we played SO BAD and then I took a few blog photos and watched some Youtube videos. Today, we're going to The Range so Shane can get some drawing paper and I can pick up some more blog props. I should also be receiving my first #Askthequestion email which I'm psyched about! We're having a roast this evening which omg get in my tum-yum-yum, and then I'm going to have a bath, write up some posts and settle down with a film preferably Harry Potter cause it's that kind of year yanno? and get all ready for the fresh week ahead and the delivery of my Olympus pen!! 

This week:

WEATHER: Confusing - bundles of blankets and scarfs in the morning, summer dresses in the afternoon and then back to blankets and scarfs in the evening.
EATING: Chicken tikka madras my fav in these colder evenings
FEELING: Motivated, inspired and bloody knackered
LOVING: the colder weather & getting back into my groove of writing
READING : Outliners - Malcolm Gladwell
DRINKING: Tea. Always tea. And water cause you gotta stay hydrated. 
LISTENING TO: Chance the rapper - Coco butter kisses 
MUSIC: Yelawolf 
WATCHING: RuPauls drag race
PLANNING: Exciting pieces of content
LOOKING FORWARD TO: My Olympus Pen E-PL7 arriving *heart eyed emoji*
CREATING: New videos, content and visual diaries
NEED TO FINISH: Half wrote posts & my poetry collection
WISHING: That there were more hours in the day
MAIN GOAL THIS WEEK: Finish half-written posts, schedule more posts & take instagram & blog photos

How has your week been?

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