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Who defines good and bad?

Who defines good and bad? I personally think there's only one very simple answer to this question - You do. 
We control everything in our lives: we control what is good and bad, what's right and wrong, what's happy and what's sad. Nothing has a meaning or definition until you create one. 

Anything that happens in your life is meant to happen, if it wasn't then it wouldn't ya get me? Whether it's losing your job, getting hit by a car or becoming bankrupt: none of these are bad until you actively think they are - It's all about perception and mindset. You might think I'm crazy cause yanno how could becoming bankrupt or getting hit by a car be good and honestly, I can't answer that because every reason and meaning is different. I could get hit by a car and it would force me to slow down and evaluate where I'm going, someone else could get hit by a car to make them be more observant of the world around them. Only you will know the meaning or reason behind everything in your life. 
But everything has one in my eyes. 

You can change anything in your life at any time you want so if you don't, you must want that thing or situation to continue. The same way as if you're sad, part of you obviously wants to be sad because otherwise, you would choose not to be. I know some of you might read that and say "Well, it's not that simple" but it really is. You have the final say on what affects you or not. You decide whether to dwell on shit or to think about it in a more positive manner. In my eyes, nothing is ever 'bad' because they are all lessons. Nothing that happens is accidental therefore, nothing is truly 'bad' for you - it's just something that needs to happen for you to move forward in life. 

What do you think defines good or bad? 


  1. They say that life is what you make of it. One of the things that I struggle to remember sometimes is that while we can't control others, we can control how we act and react to the world around us. Putting it into perspective can help quite a bit when things don't go how we think they should.