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An easy Christmas cupcake recipe*

A quick and easy Christmas cupcake recipe

First of all, I'd like to explain to you all that I can't cook to save my life. Honestly, I cant even fry and egg. Somehow, and I really don't know how I manage to make super noodles taste like slop - Shane tells me step by step how to do it and they still turn out fucking awful. So I followed instructions very carefully and managed to burn the cakes BUUUUUT everyone said they tasted alright so I'm going to share the recipe with you. The recipe is for a Victoria sponge cake but I divided the mixture into cupcake holder things.


♡ 200g caster sugar
♡ 200g softened butter I used whatever was in the fridge though
♡ 200g self-raising flour
♡ 4 eggs which you beat up so get your boxing gloves lol
♡ 1 teaspoon of baking powder
♡ 2 teaspoons of milk
♡ 3 teaspoons of icing sugar
♡ 1 teaspoon of water

A quick and easy Christmas cupcake recipe


♡ Heat up the oven. You want it at 190c and then grab a big bowl and mix all of the ingredients except for the icing sugar and water until you have a super smooth batter. Easy peasy, hey!

♡ Divide the mixture into the cupcake holder things but remember they will raise up so don't fill them too much lol chuck them on a baking tray and pop them in the oven for around 20 minutes or yanno, until they're golden brown and giving off that freshly baked smell which is the main reason anyone bakes isn't it really.

♡ Decoration time! So whilst they're baking, mix up your icing sugar with your water until it's quite thick. You can add more icing if needs be. Once your cakes are out of the oven and don't burn you when you touch them, start spreading the icing on top. I just sort of dolloped mine on and hoped for the best but if you wanna be neat and tidy, you should deffo do that instead. 

♡ Grab your cupcake toppers. I got sent some Disney ones, some Christmas ones AND some Peter rabbit ones from a company called My Cupcake Toppers. I'd highly recommend this brand because the toppers don't brake when you're fiddling trying to make the cakes look perfect. Plus they're super easy and cheap too! And voila, you're done! Your cakes are looking scrumptious and are ready to eat!

What's your favourite cake?

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I was sent these cupcake toppers but all cupcake lovin' is my own as usual <3

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