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Just like jenga - rebuilding yourself

Just like jenga - rebuilding yourself

Your life is like Jenga: all the experiences you've endured, all the places you have gone, and all the people you have become have all built foundations in your life. Foundations that, whether you like it or not, you cannot bulldozer down.
They are now, and forever, a part of you and your life.

These foundations are formed only to enhance our future selves - may it be making mistakes to learn valuable lessons for our future, or watching a documentary about food which scares you into eating healthier enabling you to feel better in the future. Whatever these foundations are, you cannot change nor dispose of them. They will always be things that have happened in your life. Buuuuut! and that but is bigger than Kim K's, you can build upon them - just like Jenga. The universe doesn't give you anything you can't handle. It only ever gives you obstacles to over come that will aid you in the future. Every lesson is a separate Jenga piece so you can take the Jenga pieces you love, the parts you find useful, the things you are and will be proud of and build upon them. Build the you that you've always wanted to be. Build the you that you will be endlessly proud of. Build the you that when you look in the mirror you give your self a massive grin because you are a fucking outstanding human being. It doesn't matter if you're 15 or 55, you can rebuild yourself any time you like. This is your life. Do what you please. Build, tear down and rebuild yourself as many times as you see fit because at the end of the day, all anyone ever wants is to be so happy actual sunbeams shine out of their orifices like euphoric lasers. You are a human being, and as a human being, you are limitless. 

What changes do you plan to make to enhance your life?


  1. never looked at life this way, thank you for the input! I always liked the idea of "having everything I'll ever need within me".

    1. Thank you Lisi! Yeah I agree with that, I think we have everything we need inside of us exactly when we need it xxx