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Moving to England and starting a new school

Moving to England and starting a new school

I had just turned 13. My grandparents kicked me out and so I was left at my mothers with no friends, no proper family, and no boyfriend. At the time, I really related to Georgia Nicholson from the Angus thongs series because I was very dramatic and felt like my life had officially ended. of course, I brought it on myself but this story is more how a Welsh person with a thick accent started an English school full of chavs. *spoiler: it wasn't great!*

I remember the phone call, it was a woman inviting us to view the school. It was only a 10-minute walk from the house so we viewed it the same day. The woman was banging on about how great my report was which was surprising because I was getting moved into the naughty children classes in my old school lol and I, of course, asked her the important stuff like "when's lunch?" and "can we leave the school for lunch because we could in my old school" - sadly we couldn't leave for lunch which on reflection is probably for the best because that was part of the reason I got kicked out and had to move anyway. I asked her jokingly whether or not people will take the piss out of my accent I say jokingly because in my head I sounded normal: I didn't have an accent as far as I was concerned, she got all uppity and assured me there were NO BULLIES in her school lol she was wrong and told me I could start Monday.


I woke up Monday morning, tired and nervous because I'd spent half the night watching Dirty Sanchez. I had to walk to school and I didn't know the way so I sort of hoped for the best and left a little earlier in case I got lost I did get lost and cried because WHY did I have to be here in England?! Then I cried some more because I ruined my eyeliner and had to go home to re-do it lol. I finally found my school, I turned up with my tie half way down my shirt cause that was the cool thing to do in school and I waited in the reception area for someone to come grab me and take me to my form room where I'd get my timetable and shit like that.

I zoned into my own little world until the two girls who came to get me showed up. They led me across the school into my form room and my teacher gave me my planner, my timetable and introduced me to the class. People instantly gasped because half of my face was covered in eyeliner and I had bright red hair. They'd never seen anything like it so it seemed. I gave a cool little nod and said "Alrighhh'" to the class and they al pretty much ignored me so I sat down on an empty seat and started at the clock until it was time to go to assembly.

As I was walking, a teacher started trying to get my attention. I ignored her because I knew she'd tell me to tuck my shirt in and do my tie up. I carried on walking until she ran in and pulled me out of the hall. Instantly, she started to have a go at my for my shirt and my tie. She pulled my tie up to my neck which choked me so I screamed "Ahh fuck off I can't breathe!" at her. A frown formed on her face and she bellowed "DO NOT TAKE THAT LANGUAGE WITH ME YOUNG LADY" and demanded who I was. I told her I was new and it was my first day. She marched me over to the nurses department and made me take off all of my makeup. good job I brought my eyeliner with me, hey! I'd missed all of my assembly so she took me to my first lesson not because she was nice, but because she wanted to make sure I actually went. It was English so I didn't mind too much.

We had to line up outside the classrooms so I was right at the back. No one really wanted to speak to me, fuck knows why - I'm friendly and approachable! until this one girl came over and said v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y "a r e - y o u - o k a a a y? c a n - y o o o u - u n d e r r r s t a n d - m e e e?" I laughed and told her "Yeah, I speak English, of course I can understand you" She laughed, blushed and apologised following with "I've never met a Welsh person before"

At break time, I was worried. I didn't know where I was going and I had no friends to tell me. Luckily, I was wandering around and some girls came up to me and asked if I was the new girl. I said yes and they invited me to sit with them. They were quite emo too so we had some stuff in common. We had P.E next and they were making some aerobics video: it was quite bizarre actually. Everyone was dressed up in neon leotards and legwarmers - one girl even had a green afro wig on. They were high kicking and lunging and in that precise moment I was so glad I wasn't involved in this fiasco in any way, shape or form. A girl came bounding up to me with a massive smile on her face and asked if I wanted to join in with them because they were skipping and needed someone to hold the other end. I said no and carried on texting my bae lol. Funnily enough, that girl became my best friend. She hated me for a good month or two because all of her friends sort of ditched her to be friends with me and she didn't want to be friends with me so she got left on her own until a birthday party where she was all upset and shit so I went to see if she was okay and we were best friends ever since lol.

I can't remember much after that weird P.E lesson except a lot of people were shouting "Oh! What's occurring?!" at me and half of my teachers didn't realise I was there so I walked out of most lessons to go and have a smoke. By the time the bell went for us to go home I'd made a few friends but I didn't enjoy it at all. I didn't want to be there. I tried to find my way home but I got lost again and cried again so I had to ring my mum and she came to pick me up. I decided there and then that I wasn't going back there.

My first day was pretty bullshit but the amount of stories I have from that school jesus christ I'd be here all day! 

Have you ever been the 'new kid' at school?

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