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Why I love the new year 2017

Why I love the new year

The excited feeling in your stomach when you think about having a whole new ear of new memories, possibilities and opportunities, getting dressed up in your party dresses and heels so you go into the new year looking glam as fuck, the crisp winter night as you make your way out to meet your friends, trying to order pizza if you're staying at home, seeing friends and family laughing and smiling, watching the fireworks light up the sky as everyone cheers and clinks glasses, popping the champagne and making that face when you drink it because champagne is secretly devil juice. Getting drunk and singing the 'new year' song, singing anything on kareoke, wrapping up warm and going outside to smell the new year: burnt out sparklers, beer and maybe a hint of puke, turning your phone off because the singals are going to be so packed with new year texts is there any real point in trying? A new start, a promise to be a better you than last year, a new slate to build upon, an opportunity to put everything bad this past year behind you, moving forward with hope and endless possibilities. 

What do you love about New Year?


  1. I think what I love most about the new year is just that feeling of having a fresh start and reflecting about the changes you want to make in your life & the goals you want to set for yourself :) I hope you'll have an amazing New Years Eve & a wonderful 2017 x


    1. Yes that's exactly it Sara! Hope you're having a great start to the New Year too! x