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My favourite Christmas present EVER

My favourite Christmas present EVER

So I wanna talk about a band today, a band called Avenged Sevenfold - you may not have heard of them cause they're quite an emo/mosher band but I've been listening to them since I was around 7 because my best friend who was 5 years older than me always listened to them then when I was 12 and a massive emo kid, I listened to them more and more and they became my favourite band ever.

Avenged sevenfold aren't just a regular band to me, though. It's going to sound proper cheesy but when I was 12 and got kicked out, they were there. They provided me angry music to scream to, they provided me songs about love and memories to help me cry and they provided me songs of hope and reassurance that shit gets better. They're engraved in my life forever. The amount of memories I have listening to them when something eventful has happened is unbelievable.

I remember listening to them in the car on my way to move to England: the drum beats flowed in time with the raindrops trickling down the window panes. I remember listening to them whilst walking aimlessly getting lost when I first moved to Bournemouth - the sun shining down on my face drying my tears. I remember sending my first love lyrics to their songs to try and express how I felt if you're wondering the lyrics were "come back to me, it's almost easy"... I remember sitting in my best friends room showing her how I knew all the words to this really hard screaming bit in the first ever song I'd listened to of theirs. I remember listening to them with my new friends in England whilst surrounded by daisies in a field drunk off cheap vodka. I remember sitting at my computer shredding tears that the drummer had died a few days after Christmas in 2009 and in my spare time aka when I bunked off school, I watched behind the scenes youtube videos and remember being amazed by the amount of effort and love they put into everything they do. Fun fact: the drummer who died was petrified of spiders but put a fat off tarantula on his face and in his mouth just for the music video. 

Anyway, the reason I'll writing this is for a few reasons. The first reason being because it's 1:46am on Friday 13th January and I can't sleep.
The second reason is because Shane bought me tickets to see Avenged sevenfold live next weekend and I don't think he realises how much this actually means to me like I don't wanna be THAT person who like cries at gigs and shit but I literally think I'll get there and as soon as I see M.Shadows I'll just like cry and ruin my eyeliner or something because it's literally been my dream to see them live - I think I wrote somewhere on tumblr that my life long goal was to see avenged live and once I had then I could live the happiest life in the world.

This is literally me fangirling about seeing my favourite band live next week so I'm going to stop writing now and try and sleep.

(PS. Thank you Shane)

What's your favourite band?


  1. I KNOW the feeling, the term 'engraved' in your life totally nails it. 'my' band would probably be pearl jam, a family tradition passed on from my way older siblings. happy monday to you!

  2. Aww this is wonderful that you finally get to see a band you care about so much, I hope you have a wonderful time!