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A lovely day out in Cardiff: Photo Diary

Before we start, I'm going to announce a lil summin-summin: Each Friday I will continue writing personal posts because lol this is a personal blog but it won't JUST be personal posts now - at the end of each Friday post I'll be sharing my week highlights and things I'm grateful for. I'll also be sharing a few posts I absolutely love with you guys too
so tweet or comment me links to posts you're super proud of so I can read them and maybe include them in next weeks round up!


7am we woke from our slumber and sleepily dragged our bodies out of bed. Gulping freshly made tea we pulled clothes on and made our way to the train station. We caught the sun rising and boarded our train to Cardiff. I lost one of the tickets in the station but the kind ticket master let us on and out of the gates anyway once I had explained. We hurriedly made our way to Greggs as I was getting super hangry and grabbed a costa, too.  

We walked down to the local legal graffiti wall and I managed to snap hundreds of photos and made Shane take hundreds of me as well because lol gotta step up my Insta-game an all that. He painted the wall and I stood taking photographs of the trees, birds and graffiti. I must have been stood still for too long because my feet were literally numb when it came to walking back to the centre. I couldn't feel my feet at all whilst walking and the wind was stabbing my face with what felt like tiny icicles so I took a vow that by the end of the day I would own a scarf and another pair of socks *spoiler: that didn't quite happen lol*. 

We took refuge in Starbucks to charge my phone and to warm my feet - I ordered a beasty hot chocolate which is so much better than Costa's sorry-not-sorry and made Shane take "candid" photo's of me again. We sat and talked, laughed and shared our hot chocolate. Shane had done what he wanted to do so it was my day now and I wanted to go shopping for more stationery of course! 

We left Starbucks and went to meet my cousin outside of the castle. Whilst waiting I made Shane take more photos of me and we attempted to go into the castle grounds but then the bloke told us it was £12 each so we thought fuck that and went to wait in the cold some more laughing about how the bloke guarding the gate probably through he was some roman warrior lol. 

We met my cousin and decided to get some food. We went to a place called The Red Hot Buffet which is an all you can eat restaurant full of loads of different worldly foods. I had rice, chicken in pepper sauce, pizza, pasta and roast potatoes 'cause you gotta have a bit of variety hey! which was super tasty until I started choking on a bit of pepper - luckily I'd pretty much finished anyway! For desert because yes, dessert is included in the fine price of £8.99 I just had two marshmallows dipped in their chocolate fountain, I was absolutely stuffed but had to get the vlog material and the insta-pic cause a gals gotta do what a gals gotta do. 

After we paid the bill we went into the St Davids centre where my cousin got a few bits from Game, then had to leave. We walked him to the bus stop and then made our way back to the centre so I could spend all of my money in Paperchase. I bought a few little bits for my planner and including a beautiful card that I'm going to stick somewhere and then wandered into Primark where I bought a scarf and a backpack - I didn't buy any socks because my feet weren't numb anymore and I bought the backpack because where my handbag is full of books and cameras and shit it leaves my right shoulder in so much pain by the end of the day so a backpack will distribute the weight between both shoulders. After that, we were so knackered we decided to grab the train home where we luckily caught a beautiful sunset which was literally the perfect end to such a magnificent day.


Here's this weeks highlights/things I'm grateful for this week:

♡ Started the year with no hangover and made our way into town and done some writing in Starbucks.
♡ Had a lovely day in Cardiff with Shane - bought some nice things and took loads of photographs
♡ Had a lovely walk along the canal with Shane as we spoke about life then had chicken balls and rice for dinner

Post's I've been loving this week:

All 3 are resolution/new year based but they're all so inspiring and uplifting which is definitely something I respect and support so go check these posts out if you haven't already! 

How's your 2017 been so far?


  1. This is a lovely post, I live in Cardiff and see the center every day there's so much to do and see everytime.

    Mel ★