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Good stuff that's happened this year

Good stuff that's happened this year

2016 was been pretty shit. Ask anyone and they would probably tell you the same.
However, I want to look past the amount of shit I endured in 2016 and find 20 reasons why it was a good year because I believe there's always a silver lining and that we ultimately decide what's good or bad.

♡  I started the year not hungover, eating dominos and sharing a bath with my love.
♡  I quit my full-time job to pursue writing full-time
♡  I have become more unapologetically myself
♡  I have stopped comparing myself to others (most days)
♡  I have taken control over my anxiety and panic attacks

♡  I had people vote me as one of their favourite bloggers and got featured in a magazine
♡  I went to the cover reveal of the magazine and met some lovely ladies
♡  I saw my family more this year
♡  My beautiful niece turned 1 and made me realise how quick time is going
 I saw the Rocky Horror Picture Show

♡  I saw a burlesque performance
♡  I started (and then got kicked out of) therapy
♡  I had the opportunity to work with some cool new brands like Calvin Klein
♡  I went to some cool blogger events 
♡  I have gained loyal readers and friends

♡  I received a beautiful cat for my birthday (that literally hates me)
♡  I turned 21 and had a pinata
♡  I have learnt so many new skills
♡  I proved to myself that taking the risk to do stuff is always worth it 
♡  I get to spend Christmas with Shane and his family and then New Year with my own loved ones

What one good thing happened to you in 2016?

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