A simple yet efficient guide to meditation


A simple yet efficient guide to meditation

Meditation is proved to be extremely beneficial for you, when I read up on it many years ago now, I had to give it a go. I had many thoughts the first time meditating such as "am I doing it right?" and "what am I meant to be feeling" -  I tried to look for some sort of guide on google but the ones I found weren't very helpful. But I sort of figured out that there is no set 'right' way -  I meditate often and the majority of the time I feel so calm and blissful afterwards, but sometimes I am too fidgety and have to stop even though the main point is to relax and free your mind but that's usually when I've had a SUPER stressed week and am still worrying about shit I shouldn't really be worrying about. All in all though, meditation is so good(!) for your mind, especially if you're a busy person, as it slows your mind down and gives it time to relax. You have to remember that your mind gets bombarded all day every day with things such as television, music and people. Even when your body is relaxing, your mind isn't. Your mind doesn't even rest in your sleep so it's good to give it a bit of a break sometimes. So even though I literally just said there isn't a 'right' way to meditate, I'm going to give you some tips on what helps me get into the mood and makes it easier for me to let my mind go.

My simple yet efficient guide to meditation:

♡ Burn your favourite candle/incense: 

Having my favourite scent fill the air and my nostrils really helps me to unwind and start to relax.

♡ Grab a pillow and sit on the floor with your back against the wall:

I find sitting on a pillow makes it 10 times comfier and the wall helps with your posture.

♡ Close your eyes and start breathing: 

In for 8 out for 8, I always focus my mind on chanting "in" and "out" it slowly fades away and becomes natural

♡ Picture something that makes you happy:

Meditation is meant to be about freeing your mind and being mindful about everything, I tend to picture blue skys with white fluffy clouds before I enter a full meditative state as it reminds me of all the beauty and magic in the world

♡ Relax and don't worry:

You will have thoughts running through your mind: what shall you eat for dinner, something someone said to you earlier, whether you're doing it right. This is all normal! Just pull your mind back to your ins and outs when you notice it wandering. My full meditative states can last from 5 seconds to 5 minutes, just keep focusing on your happy picture and your breathing.

♡ Slowly open your eyes:

When you feel yourself getting overly fidgety and your mind getting irritated, take one last deep breath and slowly open your eyes. I always end up smiling to myself because of how peaceful I feel.

♡ Try different forms of meditation:

If you feel like it didn't really 'work' and you were just sat thinking about tons of different things you shouldn't really be thinking about, you can always try other forms of meditation. There are loads of videos on youtube for guided meditations, I find guided meditations are better for when I'm feeling overly fidgety because you get to focus on their words and instructions.

Have you ever meditated before? Did you find it helpful?


  1. Such a useful guide, m'lovely! Thanks so much for sharing! I'm trying to get into meditation as part of mindfulness practices and this is really helpful - I often question myself like "am I doing it right?" during my practice which isn't super conducive to clearing your mind so reading this was fab!

    Abbey ✨ www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk

  2. This is so helpful, thank you! :) I've never really meditated before but I want to start making it a morning habit. These past few days I've been stretching every morning which makes me feel so much calmer so now I also want to implement meditation. I never knew how to do it or where to start though x


    1. Yay I'm so glad it's helped! Meditation is great - I really need to get back into doing it daily. What sort of stretching do you do? x

  3. I love meditating but I only do it when I'm overly stressed which isn't really the point! I'm starting to get into a routine now of meditating everyday, no matter how I feel.


    1. Yaaas meditating every day is the way forward (I really need to start doing it daily again too haha) Let me know how you get on x

  4. I used to meditate daily but somehow fell out of the habit. It felt really helpful though and I'm trying to get back into it! At first I used to be concerned with doing it right but I just focus 100% on breathing in and out, and my brain feels a lot calmer and less messy. I'm going to try out picturing something happy and see how it goes!

    1. Yeah same here! Visualization meditation is very good for you so see how you get on x

  5. I have nominated you for a leibster award on my blog for your content! You give me so much hope, inspiration and brighten my day! - withlovefromjodie.blogspot.com!



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