Preparing for the best week ever


Preparing for the best week ever

Okay, so it's no secret that I absolutely LOVE Sunday's. It's probably my favourite day of the week because I get to be as lazy as I like without feeling guilty and I get to prepare for Monday which unlike the majority of the population, is another day that I absolutely LOVE. I always use Sunday's to prepare for the week ahead because I feel it helps me sleep easier and it outlines exactly what I need/want to do this week. I'm trying to stick to my schedules lately so making lists and building routines have really helped me. Here's my Sunday night time routine that helps me prepare for the best week ever:

Throughout the day, the most I've done is probably made cups of tea, moved my arm to my mouth to eat junk food and sat up to make me feel a little less lazy, But the night time, that's where I come A-L-I-V-E. 

First up, I make another tea and take what's left of  my makeup off. 

This helps me adjust to actually moving and gives my face a little surprise to wake me up a little bit more. I usually take my makeup off with like tesco's own branded wet wipes which is apparently really bad but hey. I'm not a beauty blogger and I don't really give a shit as long as it takes off my £3.00 stubborn waterproof mascara which it does so happy days! 

Next, I strip off and jump in the shower. 

I mean, I don't literally JUMP in the shower because I'd probably break my neck, but I step carefully into the shower and proceed to wash my body, and my hair, and then I get some Clearasil face scrub and scrub the rest of my makeup off cause wet wipes are good, but they don't get everything up and out of your pores. Showers make me feel more refreshed so I don't usually bathe on Sundays cause baths make me feel super tired and cosy and that's literally the opposite of what I want to feel on a Monday morning.

Then, I get into my Pyjamas.

I've not long bought Christmas pyjamas well, I bought Christmas pyjama bottoms and a really cool and comfy Bronx top, I usually sleep naked but getting into pyjamas makes me feel like a sophisticated adult ready to take on the adult world on Monday morning, so I get into my jimjams and put on some fluffy socks you're not doing it right if you don't have and fluffy socks.

After that, I make a cup of tea.

I'm British and I love tea so how can I not have a bedtime brew? I like to leave the teabag in for 2.5 minutes perfect brewing time and then I ruin it by dipping cookies in it and getting all crumbs at the bottom this is why I used to dip them in Shane's tea which I 10/10 recommend if you're not about the crumb life!

I then get into bed and grab my notebook.

This is where I write my to-do list for the week ahead. I like to write out what E-mails I need to send/reply to, what posts I need to write, what photo's I need to take and other important shit #GIRLBOSSES do like when to go to the shop to buy more cookies.

Once I've made my to-do list, I grab a book and start to read it.

THIS IS A BIG FAT LIE. I grab a book, start to read it and get distracted by Instagram BUT I'm trying really hard to read before bed especially on a Sunday so this one is like half-truth-half-hope and also a reminder to stop getting distracted by my phone.

Lastly, I put on a Harry Potter audio book on youtube.

Yes, I jumped on this bandwagon but I didn't get an audible subscription because there are steven fry audiobooks on good old youtube so why buy something you can get for free?? just don't mind the adverts lol I find the Harry Potter audiobooks really soothing to listen to but if I'm feeling fruity I put the film on and put my laptop under the bed so I can hear it but not watch it 

Then obviously I sleep and I wake up feeling refreshed and super ready for Monday 

What do you do to prepare for the week ahead?


  1. My Sunday routine is really similar to yours, apart from the fact I always have work. But then I sit in bed and shower in the evening, change my sheets so I have this whole clean-body-clean-hair-clean-pyjamas-clean-sheets thing going on and then I plan my week, it's my favourite time of week and omg I didn't know those audio books were on Youtube, you've changed my life!


    1. Aw I hate work on Sunday's! yaaaas get on board the youtube audiobook thaaaang - so much better aha x

  2. My sunday routine is very similar to yours! I'm super lazy on most of my Sundays. With school starting up, I might use that day to do some schoolwork! Hope you have a lovely week xxx

    1. Yeah Sunday's are made for laziness! You too lovely xxx

  3. Sunday evenings are the best! :) Okay actually I prefer Sunday morning but Sunday evening is pretty great too haha. Like you said it's the perfect time to prepare for the week ahead, I write to-do lists every day before bed but it's especially important on Sundays so I know what's coming up the next couple of days. I love how positive you are about Mondays, they're really not as bad as everyone makes them x


    1. Yeah I think I prefer Sunday mornings too - everything feels so fresh and peaceful! Yeah Monday's are great in my eyes haha xx

  4. This is a lovely routine, I'm a shower lover even though I like a bath there's just something about a scolding hot shower that can make you feel all squeaky clean and fresh-faced

    Mel ★

    1. Thank you! Yeah I find showers more refreshing x



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