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The most perfect day in the world

The most perfect day in the world

I've been thinking a lot about what my perfect day in the world would be. I think it would really depend on my mood when the day came but generally, this is what it would look like. Also, we would be in London, not Bournemouth.

I would wake up around 9am, not too early but not too late either, snuggled into my love and my cat. We would lazily watch trashy tv and eat avocado on toast in bed with a cup of tea and some orange juice even though I'm pretty sure I'm slightly allergic to orange juice lol. We would then get up and take a stroll to a little cafe and get some tea and cake and some good instagram photos ofc. We would make our way to the museum and see all the cool exhibitions: I would soak up all of the knowledge and take thousands of photographs. I would stand in awe at the giant oil paintings and the thousands-of-years-old fossils. I would try to comprehend how big and magical our world and universe really is, I would smile to myself for being silly enough to even think I could try to comprehend it but still, I would try. I would discuss it with my love and he would discuss his thoughts and opinions too. We would understand each others views if they differed and we would each have learnt a new perspective from the other. We would grab a tea and talk about everything we've just seen: how it's crazy the world is so old and there will be life and growth after our bodies decompose, we would talk about the oil paintings and how in the old days they would have had to make their own paints and canvases, and we would talk about how amazing it is that these giant dinosaurs used to roam the earth and how to this very day we still have a little part of them even if it is in fossil form. We finish our teas and wander around the museum some more until we had seen and digested everything. I would probably do some writing and write down the things that fascinated me the most so I could research them further when we get home.

We would leave the museum and grab something to eat: I love a good pasta or subway but it wouldn't really matter as long as I ate something yummy. We would sit and eat, laugh and talk. I'd probably vlog and take photos because that's who I am as a person, then once we were all done we would go to an aquarium. We would marvel at the beautiful sea creatures and I'd probably cry a little because I don't agree with capturing wild animals but my love would comfort me and we'd see the penguins which would make me giggle because in my brain I'd just be saying "waddle waddle" - I would probably tell my love the story of how when I was 13 me and a friend went around town asking people whether penguins squawked or quacked and then google what noise they actually made. We would probably imitate it for a while, laughing and joking.

After the aquarium we would grab some dinner - I love a good steak and chips with pepper corn sauce. I would have a water with it or maybe a cheeky hot chocolate because I don't drink. I never feel comfortable at restaurants but I would enjoy my company and the food. For desert I'd get treated to a hot chocolate fudge cake and we would share it until it was all gone though I'd probably have the majority of it cause i love me some chocolate fudge cake! Being around people for too long really drains me and I'd begin to get moody so we would grab the bill and mosey off back home to watch a film preferable PS.I Love You, with some popcorn, chocolate and tea. I would fall asleep in my loves arms after kissing each other and the cat good night and wake up feeling refreshed and in love with life.

What does your perfect day sound like?


  1. This was written so beautifully. I could imagine everything you were talking about! Your day sounds amazing xxx

  2. Sounds amazing!

    x Annabelle
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