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Fuck living a 'normal' life

Fuck living a 'normal' life

Everyone tells you to follow your dreams, to pursue your goals and passions like they've all read the same advice textbook. I agree that yes, follow your passions and your dreams because why the fuck would you want to do anything less than that? But do these people really mean it? Do these people, the ones who tell you to go forth and live out your wildest dreams, really believe that that is what and how you, and everybody else, should live? This advice also usually comes from people who aren't actually living out their wildest dreams.

When you do say "fuck it, I'm going live life exactly how I want to live, doing exactly what I want to do" an army of mosquitos appear and start to buzz around your head injecting doubt, worry and confusion into your brain. "Why don't you get a real job?" they say. "How will you afford to live?" they ask. "oh no, what if it all goes wrong and you're left with nothing?" they proclaim: all very responsible questions but also damaging. It's like as soon as you take these people's advice, they completely backtrack on everything they've said and question you on why you're pursuing these weird and wonderful things you wish to do. Most of the time it's out of worry: family members telling you to get a proper job because they're worried that you'll be skint and you won't enjoy life as much as possible because of said lack of money.

If you look on a grander scale, all we've ever been taught is how to work for somebody else: in school, we are told that we needed maths and English to be able to help customers in the shops we're working in. We're taught how to memorise pieces of information and recite it back when asked because it will help us with the repetition of our factory jobs. We're taught Pythagoras theorem instead of how to build your own business - no wonder people are sceptical and frightened when someone with the same education as them decides to say "Actually, I'm doing shit my own way from now on" because as soon as someone says that, they step into the unknown and we're not taught how to handle the unknown. 

The thing is, is that working in a job that you don't want to work at is depressing. I've had many jobs where I've literally cried before going, only to be met with "suck it up, everybody has to do it" - jobs where I've had panic attacks and then been met with "stop being stupid." All of these jobs, I have felt pressured not to quit because my mum, or whoever, will be angry and disappointed if I do so. I've become hysterical about why can't I be 'normal' and just go to work in a shop and feel happy, rather than each day wanting to literally die if this is all my life will ever be.

When we feel this way, we also feel lonely - lonely because no-one ever talks about feeling this way, maybe it's literally just me and I'm the only one who thinks and feels this way - but I don't think I am, we especially don't talk about feeling this way towards working because we fear that others will think badly of us, like we're 'scroungers' or 'lazy' but that's not the case. Realistically, in today's society, I understand that yes we have to work - we need money to survive because that's literally just how the world is right now, but I also think that if we do decide to venture out and try a different way of living because clearly this way isn't for everyone, we should be encouraged, congratulated and supported rather than laughed at, shunned and belittled.

You're not going to start earning money the moment you quit your job to pursue what you truly love because you have to learn lessons you've never been taught, you have to spend time planning what you want and where you want to take it, you have to establish your brand and create a clientele. You will have to work hard every day and push through everything that tests your determination and your dedication just to start raking in a little bit of money, but once you're past that, then you can hopefully snowball into success. You will have people who, like I described before, will try and put doubt into your mind and make you question whether or not it's the right thing to be doing. You yourself will question your choices: getting a normal job & leading an unfulfilled life is the easy option so you have to keep reminding yourself that to have a fulfilled, happy life, you have to live by your own standards, doing exactly what YOU want to do regardless of anyone else's opinions or life ideals.

You have to stay strong and persist on the journey to a life you're happy with - it will be hard, but it'll be so goddamn worth it.

What have you always wanted to do?


  1. I've been having this all week at work because I'm currently going through a break up, somedays when I'm down they tell me to quit and go and live my dream and then somedays when I say I'm thinking about quitting, they question where I'll get my money from and how I'll pay for things it's bloody ridiculous, people's so called 'advice'. It's contradictorary and I don't need it rn, so I've decided to go in the middle of their advice and quit in June and in the meantime, save up for a great summer and ignore everything they're telling me!


  2. I feel this so hard it sometimes hurts. I remember arguing with my dad about how I didn't want to live a life that was just working in a dead-end job where I was treated like shit by customers and hated every minute of it. A job where I'd cry before every shift, and usually in the toilets on my break (if I ever got one) as well. I hated being in a position where I was taken for granted and miserable, and could see no way out. Quitting was the best thing I ever did - taking control of my life for once and ignoring everyone's 'concerns' has made me so much happier. It's so sad that we're conditioned to think wasting the best years of our life doing things we hate is 'normal'.
    Beth x
    Adventure & Anxiety

  3. Really interesting post! It's so sad that we are made to worry or feel guilty for pursuing the life we want for ourselves.

    Ella xx

  4. YES!! Love this so much. I recently left my full-time very stressful and all consuming job to try and work towards what I really want to do, which is to be a food writer! I definitely experienced a lot of what you mentioned this post!

    Rachael xx.

  5. Have my own graphic design business or work in a magazine... or both!

  6. My lifelong dream has always been to open up my own publishing house! Right now I'm living my dream, but starting a blog like I always wanted to, which is a huge major step for me! This was a great posts, you literally wrote all my exact thoughts in a coherent way xxx

    Melina /