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Life lately - no technology month

Life lately - no technology month

So it's nearing the end of February and if I'm honest, I do not feel accomplished in the slightest - yet strangely, 
I'm feeling more confident that ever. I'm just going to basically dump a whole load of what's been going on this past month and attempt to find some clarity so I can absolutely boss the last week of Feb and have my shit together again ready for March.

I was meant to do a whole month with very limited technology usage and well that went completely tits up on the 1st February cause I fell ill with a serious case of man flu and all I wanted to do is watch Netflix and scroll aimlessly on my Instagram. When I was better, I decided to give the whole no technology thing another go but after like 2 days of non-stop reading, I realised that social media and technology is okay as long as it's balanced - along with every other aspect of your life - balance is key. So I completely ditched the idea of limited technology and decided to go along with being more mindful whilst using it. So far, so good. I use it to scroll on Instagram and Facebook in the mornings, then unless I have a text or important e-mail it goes away until the night unless I literally have fuck all to do then it's like yep where's netflix at yo - it's made me feel better and more 'present' in life and my relationships with friends and family and it's made me prioritise things like reading and creating art over trying to get the dankest Instagram photo - I don't know why I used the word 'dank', I have never used the word 'dank' before and I probably never will again.

I've felt a little lost this month and a bit like everything is pointless which is one of the main reasons to why I've not posted anything on any of my social media accounts except for sharing memes on facebook because who can resist a meme, hey, but after that darkness came a bright light of self-realisation and I actually feel more 'me' than I've felt in a very long time: I feel confident, sassy, and empowered, like I can do anything I put my mind to. I've not felt this way in so, so, long and it actually feels fucking amazing to feel so comfortable and happy in my own skin and mind again! I'm looking forward to living as this more confident self and excited for what the future brings.

I've been reading and trying to educate myself a lot more this month but I don't actually know if any of it has ~stuck~ and stayed in my brain, even so, I plan to continue learning and growing and visiting cool places, meeting fascinating people and learning interesting shit because there's so much enchanting stuff out there for us all to experience. It's crazy how the subjects I hated most in school are the ones I'm most intrigued by now say's a lot about our shitty out-dated educational system hey! I've realsied so much about myself lately and I'm feeling the growth within me just in time for spring! I feel more in love with life than I ever have done before and it makes me so incredibly happy to be able to say that.

What's been your favourite thing that's happened in February?


  1. Really enjoyed this post and your writing! :) I do agree, balancing is a key in every aspect of life not just SM.
    About what topics are you educating yourself? I am a fan of self-instruction too, done it in the past and will definitely do in the future. :)
    And my favourite thing that's happend in February is my birthday. :D And the sunny, extremely warm day for February we got that day. :) And the fact that I was brave enough to go down the bobsleigh track in a soft bob. Never doing that again though. :D

  2. I'm totally with you on the limiting but not banning technology thing. I started this year off of social media almost completely and it hasn't made me as happy/liberated as I thought it would. I definitely don't mindlessly scroll as much as I used to though which has been a m a z i n g because I'm now using that time to do more worthwhile things!

    Lauren x