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Stepping away from technology for a month

Stepping away from technology for a month

You may already know about my taking a month away from technology in February, but if you don't.. well, now you do lol. I decided that I'd do this whole thing when I was in Bristol museum looking at Egyptian hieroglyphs back in December. I, like most of us, spend far too long on my phone/laptop/iPad and it's come to a point where I can't watch T.V without scrolling on my phone as well because T.V alone doesn't stimulate my brain enough anymore apparently. I feel so disconnected from life and myself and the universe and I feel the only way to connect myself to these things again is to be disconnected.

I'm not going completely cold turkey, though - as much as I'd like to, I have brands and campaigns relying on me which I'm v. grateful for! and I feel my blog and other platforms would take a massive hit if I wasn't active for a month. So instead, I'm limiting myself to half hour in the morning and an hour in the evening. Which I think is the perfect balance really.

I haven't scheduled (m)any posts for the month, maybe two or three for the first week but after that there's nothing, but that doesn't mean I won't be posting! It just means after the first week on February, I won't have my standard schedule of Monday/Wednesday/Friday posts - nor my theme of Thoughtful posts/Self-Care posts/Personal posts on those days. Instead, I will be posting about the creative things I've been doing - painting, drawing, writing, reading, and whatever else I get up to. Hopefully, it'll be interesting, inspiring and creative - but who knows what will happen. 

I'll be using this time to really get to know myself, to spend conscious time being completely present with myself and the world. I'll be trying to educate myself more with books, and doing cool things that I might have dismissed before. My posts literally might be 2 photos and 10 words in February but they also might be a 3-part-series because I've had some life-changing epiphany whilst sitting by the sea. Whatever they are, the main point is that they will be a part of me. They will represent a part of my life in the present moment.

I started this blog to document my life, stories and express my opinions but I feel like I've lost myself a bit last year resulting in this blog not feeling completely 'me' - because how can it when I don't know who that is entirely anymore? 

I'm excited because I get to find myself and be one with myself with no distractions. I honestly cannot wait to step away from technology for the month so watch this space lovelies, I'll be back better than ever, soon! 

Do you sometimes feel disconnected from life by being too connected in the internet world?

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  1. It's always worth intentionally taking time out from being online all the time occasionally. I remember when my partner and I first got together, we never had a phones out on our dates. Of course, now that's changed, but we still try out best not to stay glued to our phone screens when we're together.

    I hope limiting your tech time this month helps you feel better. :)