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The most serene night ever

The most serene night ever

I've not really been ~feelin~ social media lately - I'll still scroll on facebook, Instagram and read blogs when I'm bored and can't focus on reading, but I've not felt massively compelled to post anything anywhere. It's weird because, at the start of the year I was super pumped to carry on posting on Instagram daily, I was going to write 3 times a week on here still, and everything was looking dandy - yet this month with a balanced amount of technology has sort of left me floating, not sure on what I can contribute that's ~better~ or ~different~ and I know it'll be different because no one has or can write something the way I would potentially write it, but I feel like the thoughts I do have are just a bit moany and negative. Then others are just too complex to write down because I'm lazy and it would mean analyzing the thoughts which would probably just drain me and make things worse. I don't know, I'm in this weird stand-off with myself because I want to write and post but I don't think I have anything worthwhile to actually post.

Anyway, this isn't about that at all: today I have felt super content and happier than I've been in a while and tonight I feel really calm so I'm going to tell you what I've done so you guys can do the same and hopefully feel as good as I do.

♡ I woke up, shoved on my 'stargazing' playlist full blast and sang along to Someone new - Hozier because I'm absolutely in love with this song right now

♡ I got out of bed, left it a mess because that's just who I am as a person then I shoved some makeup on my face and got annoyed with my eyeliner as they weren't equal. Then I made them equal and I smiled at how great life was once more

♡ I tried on 10 different outfits which sadly, isn't even an exaggeration. I decided on my mustard strappy top and my dungarees because I feel so sassy and hip (lol) in my dungarees. I put on my fake timberlands because they're just as good, plugged in my headphones and turned Tupac on then I left to get the bus. I didn't even have a cup on tea - shocker, I know!

♡ I got on the bus and mouthed along to my music trying not to belt them out because I'm not a complete weirdo. I got into town and everything felt really calm for a Monday morning. There's usually a really busy angry energy in Bournemouth when you're walking around but today everyone was taking their time and everything was very serene which was a nice change

♡ I walked up to Greggs and treated myself to a sausage roll because I hadn't eaten and my journey into town should be rewarded, obviously. There was a busker playing and his voice was beautiful, I think it's the same one I gave £20 to the other week but I didn't want to ask so I just walked past him a load of times to see if he was but I'm still unsure, he probably thinks I'm a creep now so oh well.

♡ I went to the beach and sat by the sea to do some writing and then got sure cold so retreated to the gardens to do some writing because it was somehow warmer there. Then it got really cold in the gardens and I headed home.

The most serene night ever

♡ I got in and tidied my room - I swear that's all I seem to do these days. My room is really small so it's equally as easy to tidy as it is to get messy. I lit some candles and incense and opened the windows to give it that calming atmosphere I wish I could live in constantly

♡ I made my bed (finally!) and took off my makeup with a wet wipe because I'm not a good person and have only just started taking my makeup off before I go to sleep 'cause I'm lazy but honestly I feel 10 times fresher in the nights and mornings for doing so

♡ I ran a bath and made a new playlist including Kate Bush and Tracy Chapman because they're amazing artists and I love them a lot even though they make me cry big tears

♡ I dried my fringe because I'm trying to grow it out but will also probably get it cut this week then I wiped away any remaining makeup and shoved on some moisturiser to hydrate my ~very dry~ skin

♡ I put my pajamas on the radiator before I got into the bath so they were nice and toasty to put on by the time I had dried my hair and everything. I put them on, blasted them with a hair dryer to make them a little bit warmer and then I lit some candles.

♡ I had a little karaoke sesh in candlelight until I wanted to write. I turned down my music, opened my laptop and started to write this.

♡ I settled down to watch Ibiza Weekender before falling blissfully asleep.

It was such a simple night yet something about it made it feel calmer than usual, better, almost. It certainly brought me out of this funk I seem to get stuck in lately!

What's your idea of a perfect night?


  1. love love love the idea of this as a post and that sounds like a pretty perf day!!

  2. Your life always sounds like such a dream to me. I am awful at writing on paper because I get to caught up on how my hand writing looks and the scribbles and ahhhh. I love the idea of writing on the beach and gardens though. But ayyye! Karaoke in the candlelight! That sounds amazing! ♥️