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My childhood in my top 11 songs

My childhood in 11 songs

Music has always been a big factor in my life - my grandparents were always playing music and I've always had a love for singing and dancing really badly along to them. I've been feeling a little flat lately and so I've been listening to some old favorites to try and get me in the groove which has worked well so far, although, it has made me realise that even though I listen to a whole range of genres (including African tribal music when I was 14)  I don't actually change the artists that I listen to a whole lot - usually I find a few great songs that I love with all of my heart and then never play anything else I know, how adventurous. I thought I'd share with you the main songs throughout my life and why they're so important but upon actually writing this I've realised it would be far too long so I'm going to split it into 3: My childhood, my teenage years and my adult life so far.

Here is my childhood in 11 songs:

Cher - Do you believe: 

This is the first song that springs to mind as ever since I can remember I have listened to this - me and my nan made a little dance up to it when I was like 3 years old or something which I still remember and it's been a classic ever since.

Gomez - Hangover: 

My other grandparents, the ones whom I lived with, we're typical 60's hippies and so I listened to a lot of weird music when I was younger, my favourite being Gomez - I still love their music cause it's so easy to listen to especially when you want to relax and burn some incense.

Ronan Keating - When you say nothing at all:

Another song introduced to me by my grandparents, we all used to sing along to this and my Bamps does a wicked Irish impression whilst singing. My cousins and I used to make up dances to this song too because we're sassy as fuck

Faithless - Back to mine:

Okay so I only recently sound out the songs on this album aren't all by faithless themselves, turns out I'm not even a massive fan of faithless but this album was always played in my nans car and I love practically all the songs on here even if they're not by faithless like I was lead to believe for 20 years of my life

Mariah Carey - Whenever you call: 

There's a pattern here, weird artists are from my hippie grandparents and artists like Mariah Carey are from my Nan and Bamps - this is another one we sing and dance to and it makes me cry a lot

Eminem - Cleaning out my closet: 

I first listened to Eminem when I was like 6 or 7, I loved this song and I learned it off by heart. I didn't really understand what the lyrics were about back then but I have loved Eminem ever since.

Girls aloud - Sound of the underground: 

The first sort of 'pop' song I liked when I was in junior school because I got forced into rehearsing a dance to it and performing it in one of those knock-off-Britain's-got-talent talent contests schools always seem to host there was a lot of bum slapping

CKY - Mustard man: 

My best friend when I was younger was called Louise, she is 5 years older than me and was a skater/mosher back in the day. She introduced me to CKY, HIM, and A7X. The first song I remember her playing was Mustard man and it was so bizarre I loved it.

A7X - Unholy confessions: 

This was the first ever song I listened to by Avenged when I was like 7 and they have been my favourite band ever since. Shane actually bought me tickets to see them in January just gone and I met the entire band and got a selfie with M.Shadows and my shirt signed by them all. It was AMAZING.

Robbie Williams - Kidz: 

I used to go to my cousin's house every weekend for aerobics and gymnastics. My uncle is a massive karaoke fan - he has all the proper equipment and stuff so every weekend we would all have a sing-a-long and without a doubt, he and my auntie would always sing this Robbie Williams song. He loves Robbie. I love Robbie.

Red Hot Chilli Peppers - By the way / Zephyr song / Californication: 

My cousin and I used to love RHCP. We would make a band and sing-a-long to it outside to people walking to the pub. We'd get a couple of quid too which spurred us on even more. We were great singers.

I'm sure there were a hell of a lot more songs than this - I've just remembered a vital one: Bryan Adams - Summer of 69 - but these are the main ones throughout my childhood. I deffo think you should give them all a listen!

What's your favourite childhood song?


  1. oh, this was great insight! I have a playlist on spotify with all my early guilty pleasures, cher-believe is right up there!

  2. Love this! I would also have the Red Hot Chili Peppers on mine and Cher. Grew up constantly listening to American Pie by Don Maclean and Welcome to the Jungle by Guns 'n Roses--although I think NSYNC's Bye Bye Bye would also be on the list. It's fun to think about what I listened to growing up.

  3. Unholy Confessions will forever be the best Avenged song! Love it.