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I'm not hard to love and neither are you

I'm not hard to love and neither are you

Everyone leaves, everyone cheats, no one wants my love. Maybe I can't do it right - maybe I'm too hard to love?

I wrote that not too long ago, one late rainy evening whilst I couldn't sleep. Upon reflection, all I can think is "Fuck No! I'm not too hard to love at all." In fact, I think I'm one of the easiest people to love.  All you have to do is treat me like a human being and show me respect - that's literally it.That is the foundation on how to love me, just treat me with some fucking respect and kindness.

Building upon that foundation here's a few other things I want in a relationship which I think just comes toe-in-toe with being a decent human being anyway: Listen to what I say, even if you don't agree, try and see it from my perspective and don't belittle me for feeling or seeing something a certain way. Understand that I find it super hard to express my emotions to people so be patient with me and make me feel safe enough to tell you anything without fearing judgment or ridicule. Tell me your feelings - even if you're scared they'll hurt me, I respect honesty more. Be open with me, laugh with me, reassure me when I'm depressed, call me out when I'm being a dickhead, challenge me. Don't judge me when I cry over not being able to make the bed properly because my cat is an asshole who loves to get in the way whilst I try. Tell me when I'm being unreasonable and tell me when I'm being courageous. Stroke my bum, give me cwtches and feed me tea and biscuits.

Basically, just be a decent considerate human being who treats not only me but everyone you meet, with kindness and respect. If you can't handle that, the problem doesn't lie with me. I'm not hard to love, you're probably just a dickhead.

Have you ever felt hard to love?

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