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Would you rather have loved and lost?

Would you rather have loved and lost

Would you rather have loved and lost or to never have loved at all?
Sometimes I choose the latter, for if you never knew love, you would ever know what you're missing* But as it stands, we're told fairy tales as children: stories missing the heartbreak and pain, only revealing the happily ever after ending, giving us an unrealistic expectation of an everlasting love. And so, we look for it. We look, we love, and then, for many of us, we loose and wonder that's wrong with us because e v e r y o n e ** else seems to have it and are able to hold on to it. But then, after time, we do it all again, for now we have had a taste of the bittersweet thing that is love, we can't seem to give it up no matter how painful it seems to be. 

But if I had the choice to love and to loose or to never love at all, I'd choose never to love at all. I would choose love over and over again. I can live without a romantic love, I'm a strong independent woman, but to eliminate all love from my life would leave it unbearable. I would rather die than to never be able to feel the satisfaction and love for the strawberry swirl sunset or the birds' cheerful chirp. I would crumble if I couldn't feel the love from my grandparents radiate through their eyes when they look at me, and I sure as hell couldn't live without the soft purr of my cat when I feed her dreamies***

I can survive without romantic love, but I couldn't live a day without love in general.

*a lot of hurt and tears in my experience
**fictional characters in books, tv shows and movies
***the only time she actually tolerates me (I wish I were joking)

Would you rather have loved and lost or to never have loved at all?

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