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A late night thought on heartbreak

A late night thought on heartbreak

Heartbreak is hard because we all heal at different rates, 7 months pass and people expect you to be healed and so, you act that way. You stop. You stop talking about the hurt to your friends, you save your tears for when you're alone (and you feel so, so alone) and ashamed. Ashamed because should you be okay by now? Are you an obsessed stalker because you still think about them and your love and your loss? Why is it taking so long to heal if people expect you to be healed by now?

It can take years to heal. But with each painful day, it gets a little less painful and eventually, you reach a point where they're not your first or last thought every day, in fact, they hardly cross your mind at all.

Eventually, you do get better - you just have to keep going to get there.

Don't give up, it will all be okay, soon.


  1. I think these "fallbacks" are OK, it was an important part of the journey and will always have some kind of significance. don't ignore the feelings, you'll miss some important lessons!
    I really like to think of this quote a lot: the only way out is through.
    sending happy vibes your way!

  2. Ah I love this post, so honest and real. I am so glad I found your blog by the way, I love finding new blogs like yours to read! x