#Unboxmycity - A day out in Bournemouth*


#Unboxmycity - Bournemouth

When the email dropped in my inbox, I was super stoked. Bournemouth is a tourist town so there's quite a lot of cool stuff to do here but you never actually do it because you think it'll always be there. So when Watchshop* emailed me basically saying "Hey, do you wanna go do cool stuff around your town and film it for us?" I was like "hell to the yeah br0" just a little more ~professional~ than that. 

#Unboxmycity - Bournemouth

First off, we went to the Oceanarium, it's right on the seafront so you can sit in the little cafe out the back and watch the waves kiss the shore whilst drinking a brew. I always have mixed feelings about Zoo's, Aquariums etc because I don't believe animals should be held captive but I understand that it helps keep them alive and I love animals so I always wanna go visit them in those sorts of places.
We saw sting rays, little nemo babies and saw the penguins get fed which was interesting - they eat the fish head first cause it's easier for it to slide down the Penguins necks #learnsomethingneweveryday

#Unboxmycity - Bournemouth

After the Oceanarium we headed to Oasis which is a new(ish) play center where you can go bowling, play mini golf, eat and there's a soft play area for kids too which apparently is dead fun. The mini golf was super cool cause there's loads of animal statues and plants and stuff for decoration. I've only played once before and I was shockingly bad but this time around I got a hole in one (which sadly wasn't recorded so now y'all think I'm lying) I was dead chuffed that on the crocodile one I got it in his mouth and through to the end first try. Honestly, I'm so bad at sports so I like done a serious happy dance when it happened cause yanno, I'm a cool adult..obvs.

#Unboxmycity - Bournemouth

Once we completed the mini golf we headed to All Fired Up which is this sick cafe where you get to paint your own stuff - they have a huge range of ceramics to choose from all at different prices. I chose a mug (cause I love mugs, I have a huge collection) and a coaster for said mug. My friend Katie, who joined me on this adventure, chose a latte cup thing which was huuuuge! We ordered hot chocolate, listened to the lady who explained how it all worked then grabbed our paints and created pure masterpieces. When we were done we paid for it all (obvz) and they gave us our receipt which told us when we could go and collect it. It usually takes a week but we went back like 3 days later and it was all finished which was handy!

#Unboxmycity - Bournemouth

Overall, Bournemouth's actually pretty cool if you go and do the things you always put off. It's definitely made me search around for little hidden places to visit. So a big thank you to Watchshop for gettin' me involved in the #unboxycity project. If you wanna check out more just click here there are a few places involved so I think it'd be great to check out if you wanna go on a day trip to somewhere but don't quite know what's ~good~ to do there. Also, this whole day cost less than £30 so super cost effective too! If you wanna watch the whole video head over to my youtube by clicking ~here~

What's there to do in your city?

Disclaimer: this post was in collaboration with Watchshop but all views are my own :-))

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