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A rant about how bad blogging has become

A rant about how bad blogging has become

So, I've decided to write a post again. It's cold, grey and wet. I am watching the leaves dance to the howl of the wind and the rain act as drums upon the window-panes. Days like this makes me want to write and write and write but I've lost inspiration. I hate that I've been saying this since February but sadly, it's the truth. Reading blogs no longer gives me inspiration nor motivation because everyone is just a copy of one another.

No one brings out original, deep whole hearted posts anymore and that's the shit I love to read about. That's the shit that gets me going. Posts detailing peoples lives, opinions and perspectives in a strong, in-depth way. I'm not trying to piss on anyone's parade but in reality, we're all just watered down versions of each other and the bloggers writers that inspired and motivated me have now stopped posting on their blogs as well.

There have been numerous posts I've seen lately that have been about interesting, deep topics that I've thought "Yeah! Hopefully, this will get me back into my groove" which is quite selfish but also isn't that why a lot of people blog these days, to inspire others and to 'help' people? I was left disappointed because the writers weren't going deep into the topic that is meant to be discussed with depth and strong opinions. I'm not saying or trying to imply my writing is any better than others I'm just saying y'all shits boring these days. There are a few bloggers that are still killing it but others keep ripping their content off and watering it down which is infuriating.

I get that you should write about shit that interests you and that won't always interest other people. For example, I never read beauty blogs because I don't understand how y'all can write 10 different posts about lipsticks that look identical to me but I (used) to read 'lifestyle' blogs whose writers pride themselves in being unique and deep and they used to be, but now they're just.. not.

I just feel as though everyone's lost their spark in blogging, the reason why they started and they're just writing shit that'll get them views without really knowing or caring about what they're writing or they're writing for attention.  Mental health bloggers started out with the intent to raise awareness, share their and other peoples stories to help end the stigma which is GREAT(!) but now it just seems like people caught wind of the views and are now trying to become MH bloggers for the attention - the sympathy. They post their darkest demons for validation and praise of being brave so they don't actually have to face up and do the goddamn hard work that it takes to fight through those demons. They let it define them and what's worse they ENJOY it defining them, they enjoy the attention which comes from it and because of this will continuously play the role of the victim. Which essentially gives off a bad message to their audience - the complete opposite of what it's meant to do.  

I dunno, I know this is a bit of a rant but I'm just sick of seeing all these fake ass posts that are half hearted and attention seeking on my home screens. I know I can unfollow but that means I'll have like 2 people left lol.

Surely I can't be the only one who thinks this?


  1. YES TO THIS. So many blogs I used to love are now just carbon copies of one another with no real substance. The images look the same and the writing is flat and unpassionate. Totally totally get what you're saying!


  2. There are a lot of blogs that I feel have gone down that path. I get tired of reading the same posts about makeup products, and yearn to have a few more blog posts about things that are real, but I'm telling you not to give up hope, because I have found a whole bunch recently that are making my reading experience that much better. Some people might be offended by what you have to say, but I must commend you for being so honest. Keep doing you my love xxx

    Melina |

  3. yes to all of these! it's difficult to find a time-worthy blog to read nowadays because everywhere i go, it's like people write 'lifestyle' blogs with gimmicky, clickbait "10 things to do" posts. i don't have anything against those bloggers (or, *cough* influencers) because i can just ignore things and move along but it does get frustrating because the blogging world feels so...plastic now. i won't say i write really good posts but all i can say is i write stuff i love, crap that amuse me - even if it's a mixture of intense, in-depth things and light matters such as what movies i recently watched or what product i've been loving lately. i'm not saying beauty posts are stupid or anything but yeah, posts like that are so overdone today that sometimes, when i wanna write one post about say, a skincare product, i feel like a sellout. and i don't wanna be a sellout as i refuse to fit in. i always tell myself that i'm blogging because i love to write and i will NEVER be a commercial sellout. yea sure i'll probably write about my latest favorites but there won't 1823720 posts about it on my blog because that's not what i wanna know? i let myself write what kind of beauty crap i like today because it's part of my life's muse but again, there are a gazillion of blogs writing about that same product and that makes me think i should come up with something less...advertorial. ugh pretty much all the things i wanna say have been written down perfectly by you.

    these days, i find it difficult to discover blogs whose posts talk about their in-depth perception of things - something i really love to read and i find worth my time. it's the reason why i followed your blog because this, this blog of yours is one of those rare gems among 'influencer' blogs today. i also feel like most of the time, those 'watered down' commercial clickbait-ish blogs are famous, well known ones which is what i try to avoid. i mean, imo people can write about lifestyle things like healthcare tips and whatnot and still sound genuine and real but such blogs are really hard to find these days.

  4. i am all the way with you on this. been trying to make it a point to distinguish my blog as a PERSONAL blog, and not a LIFESTYLE blog, becausd really, i couldn't care less about the lifestyle stuff. it's the personal stuff that really shapes one's journey, and i want to be better at documenting that.

    great post