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A time-capsule throughout my 22 years

A time-capsule throughout my 22 years

Instead of doing a '22 things I've learned in 22 years' post to celebrate my birthday that's long gone now - 21st July if you're wondering.. I decided to tell you what would be in my time-capsule if I had added one thing to it each year. Obviously, I can't remember things from 1 year old - 5 years old but I'll try my best to compromise.

01. Emily. I received Emily, my doll, when I was about 5 months old. I still have her although a little worse for wear to this day. I bit off the majority of her fingers when I was about 5 because I was nervous and I fed her mini cheddars when I was about 7 (which my nan had to then scrape out of her mouth when they started going mouldy lol)

02. A birthday card. Okay, a little mundane but I came across a birthday card from my 2nd birthday from relatives that are now no longer here so I'm gunna put that in the time-capsule.

03. A teal knitted cardigan. I can very vaguely remember being stood on my sofa so my grandad could button up my teal cardigan ready to drive me to my aunties because I wanted to stay the night.

04. A little tea set. I think they were white and yellow(?) I used to make my Bamps play with them with me and Emily.

05. Rosie. Okay, Rosie was my dog whom is now dead, so I wouldn't actually put her in the time-capsule but a photo would suffice, probably the one where she's smiling with a Christmas cracker hat around her neck

06. A sea shell from Turkey. It was the first holiday abroad I went on and it was so much fun. We went to the same cafe for Breakfast and the owner quickly learnt my order (egg on toast with a chocolate milkshake, please)

07. A straw from the milkshake ice-cream thing I was gifted. I smacked my head on a breakfast bar in the cafe we went to so they gave me free chocolate milkshake and ice cream. It was great.

08. The biggest bar of Cadburys Dairy Milk ever. It was my birthday and no one wanted any so I ate it all to my self and felt hella sick afterwards

09. Bad Santa DVD. We went to spain and it was the first time I watched the film. Shortly after, my drunk nan got swept away by the sea and then walked into a glass door. Fun times.

10. A pink princess canape for my bed. I was probably younger than 10 but every time my Bamps would go to town, I would go with him and drag him into Claires to which he would buy me a little something

11. Mint areo. My favourite chocolate bar ever. Every other weekend when I saw my Nan and Bamps they would buy me one and omg they're amazing. I had one the other day and it tasted like childhood.

12. K's hoodie & bandana. He was my boyfriend before I got kicked out and his hoodie & bandana were the things I wore on the drive to Bournemouth. They smelt nice, too.

13. Shag bands. Everyone had these. I was a massive emo kid and I had about 1000 shag bands all tied in that cool loop. I gave a black one to my first love ;-))

14. Pentagram necklace. Keeping on brand with my emo aesthetic I had a pentagram necklace that was gifted to me by a boy and it soon became my good luck charm then I lost it right before my GCSE's

15. PS. I love you DVD. It was (and still is) one of my favourite films. My nan showed it to me and my then best friend but she kept saying "ooh watch this bit" over the good parts which made us laugh

16. My fake I.D. Well, it wasn't fake. It was someone elses and it got me into clubs so I could dance the night away. It was great.

17. My EYS certificates. I dropped out of college when I was 16 but started going to EYS which was basically a college for the naughty kids they actually paid us weekly to attend - my tutors were absolutely amazing and a massive part of why I kept going and why I have more belief in myself today.

18. Deano the dinosaur. Instead of going clubbinb for my 18th, I went to the beach with my friends and a few bottles of vodka and ended up buying a giant inflatable yellow dinosaur which gave us endless amounts of fun in the sea.

19. Ticket to spain. Shane and I moved out there for a bit but realised we didn't like it much. It was when we both had the realisation that you can't find happiness from outward sources (shocker!) and it began my ~life long~ journey to self development and actually made me realise writing is what I'm meant to be doing

20. Daffodils. To represent when Shane and I moved to Wales with my Grandparents and got Mr.Cat - my first adult pet. He was the best cat in the entire universe, god rest his soul.

21. A Pinata. I had been telling Shane how much I wanted a pinata on my birthday because I'd never had one before so on my 21st he surprised me with one full of my favourite chocolate and my god I lost about 12 stone trying to bash it open they're so hard!

22. Poetry books. I love to read poetry right now and I love to write it, too. It's been a big influence this past year and will continue to be a big influence for the rest of y life probably. I hope to publish my own collection before I turn 23.

So there we have it, there are so many things I could have included and it was super hard just picking one for each year but I feel these are the most significant of each year.

What would be in your time-capsule?

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  1. that is such a lovely idea! it makes clear that the most important things are free - or they aren't even things! happy memories :)