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August reflections & September goals

August reflections & September goals

This is totally stolen from the glorious Laura. Each month she does her monthly reflections and the way she does it has me all heart-eyes-emoji so I'm not only going to do it as my first page in my brand spankin' new diary, but share it on here with you guys as well. Check Lauras instagram for a photo of how she presents it in her own diary.

Monthly reflections: August 2017.

Looking back over August I am:


♡ Finally getting help with my Mental Health and starting therapy
♡ Finishing 3 books (the only books I've read this year, whoops!)
♡ Not spending all my money before the end of the month

♡ A supportive family and supportive work place
♡ Being asked to be bridesmaid at my cousins wedding & being apart of her wonderful day
♡ The Dumbo teddy, Poison Apple Mug & Mustard Coat Shane bought as a present for me

♡ Old friends that no longer serve me in my present or future life
♡ All ill feeling towards people who have wronged me
♡ My consumer mindset.

August reflections & September goals

Looking forward: September 2017.

Looking forward towards September I am looking after my:

♡ Declutter my room & only keep things that ~bring me joy~
♡ Continue with therapy and put my all into the exercises
♡ Start meditating daily (even if it's for only 5 minutes!)

♡ Write in my diary each night so I don't forget even the most mundane of memories
♡ Write a gratitude list each morning
♡ Make a conscious effort to speak to friends and family at least once a week

♡ Start my 30 day self-care/self-love challenge
♡ Start my 30 day writing challenge
♡ Define what I actually enjoy doing & make sure I do at least one thing each day

♡ Do 5 minutes of yoga each morning and night
♡ Go for at least a 5 minute walk each day
♡ Drink more water and eat more good stuff (not biscuits, unfortunately)


☽ Clear out wardrobe & put together outfits for A/W. Put away what I don't need.
☽ Create (& stick!) to a budget for the month
☽ Write one gratitude letter/email & send it
☽ Review 2017's goals, are they still a good fit? 

What are your goals for September?

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  1. Love the way that this is set up, and it's such a healthy way to mentally organize yourself! I might do something like this for my bullet journal xxx

    Melina |