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He set his room on fire with me in it

He set his room on fire with me in it

"I don't love you anymore" he snarled whilst admiring himself in the mirror. I was sat on his bed waiting for him to get ready. The words struck me like a bolt of lightning and I had to fight back the tears that threatened to erupt from my eyes.

"Good, that makes the two of us then." I smiled and forced the lump in my throat back down to where it came from. I wasn't going to let him get the reaction he wanted from me. Not this time. He turned to face me, his dark hazel eyes stared into mine and thick deep lines appeared upon his forehead. I continued to smile, locking my eyes deeper, refusing to give in.

A soft, nervous giggle left my lips.

"You think it's funny, do you?!" he lunged towards me "I'll show you fucking funny!" he shouted as he reached for the baseball bat which was sat beside the T.V stand. I clutched at the end of my sleeves and lowered my eyes. All I could see was the faded denim jeans I had decided to wear that day.

"Look at me then!" he bellowed. I hesitated before lifting my head up to meet his gaze. My eyes widened and my palms started to sweat. He was still holding the baseball bat. I saw veins throbbing beneath his skin as he walked over to his large oak table in the corner of his hostel room. My eyes followed him in anticipation as he grabbed the lighter fluid from the windowsill. Not knowing what he was going to do I held my breath. 

He slowly twisted off the lid whilst staring at me. My eyes shifted around the room until I heard a splash upon the table top. My eyes darted back to him as he started to pour lighter fluid all over the table. A piercing laugh left his lips followed by mutters of "I'll show you fucking funny."


  1. Is this real?! Is this a story? It's so well written, but I want to know more! xxx

    Melina |

  2. very beautifully written - despite the awful subject matter! intrigued to know more...

    katie. xx