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'Her' - an excerpt from my poetry book

'Her' - an excerpt from my poetry book

If you don't already know, I'm going to be publishing a poetry zine made up of 20 poems. It tells the story of love and heartbreak like any cliché poetry book but these poems are unedited from when I wrote them, many of which were wrote whilst sat by the sea crying - but they're not all sad, I promise! Some are from 2012 and some are newer - the zine will only cost £5.00 including postage but I've not set any of that up yet so I hope you'll want to have a read! To give y'all a little taster, here's a poem called 'Her'

Twisted bodies
in a sea of lies.
Back and forth
the sea kisses the shore
and you're kissing the spaces
between her milky collarbones
pouring your love
(that you promised would be forever mine) 
into her 
as she wraps her ivory legs 
around your waist
holding you closer than
I will ever be
to you
- Her. Arora Appleby

Any feedback would be much appreciated! 

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