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The night I wish I could forget: SRSummerSchool

The night I wish I could forget SRSummerSchool

I've uhmmed and ahhed over posting this as I've never been that good at writing fiction but seeing as it was my final piece for Laura's SRSummerSchool (aka the best writing course ever.) I thought I'd suck it up and share it with y'all..

     I have no choice but to ring an ambulance, a pool of blood is forming on the gravel as I try to put pressure on the wound. She pushes me away crying,
“He wouldn’t do this - he didn’t!....Did he?” She tries to stand but falls to her knees. Her cries become wails and I don’t have to say a word because she looks deep into my soul and finds the answer she’s trying so desperately to deny.
     As soon as we walked through those large oak doors, we were greeted with wide eyes, gurning gums, and glasses full to the brim of vodka to which we each eagerly accepted and finished before we had even sat down. I thought to myself, “Trust me to walk into a flat full of Welsh people,” as everyone introduced themselves in their thick accents. I didn’t feel comfortable there, but something told me to stay, so I did.
The music was so loud it pulsed through my veins and the laughter so pure you’d never have guessed every single person in that flat was broken in one way or another. We danced to the house music that was pumping, I could see the pixels in the air which turned into little twinkling stars. As I twirled, dipped and jived, I saw rainbow blurs and fell on to the laminate floor in laughter with my friend Delilah. 
“This is the most fun I’ve had in a long time!” I thought as I watched the transparent poison pour into my overused glass, the phrase ‘the glass is always half full’ took on a whole new meaning that night.

     “Let’s play dares!” a nameless face suggested. I was sat on a large floral arm chair with Delilah, who was a lot larger than myself, perched on my lap, my head rested against her back as I shovelled salt ‘n’ vinegar sticks into my dehydrated mouth.
“I dare you..” my face vibrated off her back as she spoke, her eyes shifted towards the tall, blonde muscle man named Dom “ run down the street naked.” She finished, a soft giggle left her lips but was stopped abruptly as Dom replied with a stern “No.” His eyes looked dark despite being a piercing blue.
“Give me something hard,” he barked.
Delilah’s eyes shifted left to right scanning his face “Fine,” her lips curled into a smug smile. 
“I dare you to HURT me,” her smile grew bigger because she knew he would never do such a thing, after all, he loved her.
     His eyes widened and within a second he was stood in front of her - us - and without hesitation, he wrapped his large tanned hands around her unknowing neck and squeezed hard.
It took me a minute to realise what was happening and I was stuck under her weight, unable to do anything. I looked into his eyes and saw undeniable enjoyment. I guess that’s what happens when a paranoid schizophrenic is dared to "hurt" you. 
     He squeezed until her body became limp and lifeless. She fell off of my lap and he stood there looking completely satisfied with what he had just done as I tried to stop her from falling. I couldn’t hold her weight. 
     She fell and smacked her head on the kitchen worktop at first, then the drawer handle until finally, she met the cold, hard, marble tiles with a thunderous crack. I sat, unable to breathe, trying to make sense of what I had just witnessed but I couldn’t..I still can’t.
I glanced at Dom who was now stood by the large bay window, sun rays illuminated his skin giving him a soft glow which made my sensitive eyes squint.
“What the fuck have you done?!” I snarled, and darted my eyes around the room at all of the other blank faces. I looked into each of their eyes and saw terror consuming their souls.


     DRIP. DRIP. D R I P. I watched Delilahs’s blood splash on the tiles in slow motion as though it was a scene from a well-produced horror movie. I lifted her limp arm and checked for her pulse.
“She’s not breathing! Dom?! Do something!” I pleaded with silent faces, still holding Delilah's arm. 
“Stop getting blood on my kitchen!” Dom bellowed as he paced back and forth glaring at me but he stopped as Delilah rolled slowly onto her back. Her body started violently shaking, and foam slightly escaped her dry, cracked lips. I quickly moved away to give her some space and we all inhaled, not knowing what was happening or what would happen next.

     Finally, after what felt like forever, she stoped, still. We all watched in anticipation, until she sat up and took a large gasp of air, her eyes were still rolling back into her head which was absolutely harrowing. She comes to and we all released an echoing sigh of relief. Lifting her right hand up to her blood stained face she turned to meet my uneasy gaze.
“Laur? Why’s my face wet?” She tried to stand, her hand still clutched the gaping wound which was carved into her head.
“He hurt you,” I blurted “We need to go now.” I tried to usher her out of the room but she stopped and looked around, trying to find Dom with her eyes. I pulled her towards the bathroom. 
“He’s got a knife! You need to leave NOW!” someone screamed at us as they pushed past to get out. I leant her against the off-white wall as I tried to grab anything I could from the bathroom: wet wipes, tissue, and water. 
“We have to go now, Dee.” I told her, my voice cracked as I tried to pull her through the door into the car park.

I really hope you enjoyed reading, any feedback would be more than welcome!

What do you prefer writing?

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  1. this was really fun to read and i gotta say, i went 'awww' when it ended. i wanted more because it felt like a cliffhanger and i thought this was just an excerpt - so my bad if this isn't. i can totally imagine this in a psychological horror movie and i love it. like i said, i wanna read more :P

    i used to write a lot, from poems to prose to fiction. back then, i had fun writing sci-fi fantasy stuff. now, i don't write anymore because my brain is fried. i haven't been writing since last year. kinda miss it tbh but i'm too lazy and insecure to do that. if i DO write again, however, i'd definitely write something along the line of futuristic sci-fi mixed with fantasy.

    thanks for sharing your fiction!