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10 pieces of advice I'd give to my younger self

10 pieces of advice

I follow a page on tumblr called wnq-writers and they do writing promps every so often which I find super useful. One of their prompts was "10 pieces of advice you'd give to your younger self" - I decided to dedicate each bit of advice to a certain version of myself starting from the age of 12 and now I thought I'd be a kind human being and share my ~wisdom~ with you.

♡  Age 12: 

Nothing is permanant; things will slip through your fingertips - sometimes gradually, other times instantly.
Change is inevitable but it is all as it should be.

♡ Age 13:

Trust in the universe. Everything happens for a reason but sometimes the reason is as simple as you're an idiot and need to do better. You can always do better.

♡ Age 14:

Appreciate and accept where and who you are right now. Stop wishing your days away and always try to look on the brighter side.

♡ Age 15:

Don't let the darkness consume you; feed the light, water the flowers and accept the dark - but never feed it.
There's always something to be happy about (yes, even in the midsts of deep depression)

♡ Age 16:

Express gratitude. There's always something to be thankful for; the ability to see flowers bloom, to hear birds sing, the existance of our loved ones and the smell of 'home'

♡ Age 17:

Stay true to yourself and your roots. Don't forget where you came from, who raised you, loved you and supported you. Keep in contact with your loved ones because one day they will be gone and you'll regret not spending more time with them, listening to them and showing your love for them.

♡ Age 18:

Cut toxic people out of your life. You don't need that negativity surrounding you. Friend, family, stranger - if they're not adding happiness into your life, let them go.

♡ Age 19: 

Don't feel bad for putting yourself first. It's not selfish or narcissistic. You can't look after anyone else if you're not looking after yourself and meeting your own needs first.

♡ Age 20:

Self care isn't a walk in the park or a candle burning whilst you read your book. Self care is parenting yourselfl putting yourself to bed at a decent time, nourishing your body with healthy food and not buying the thing because actually, you have a budget to stick to.

♡ Age 21:

Treat yourself how you wish to be treated. Speak and act with integrity. Know your values, your morals and set your standards and boundaries. Stand up for what you believe in and live in line with your values but always keep an open mind. "The only thing I know is that I know nothing" - Socrates.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

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  1. These are all beautiful words of advice. The self care one was really eye opening for me. ♥