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A sense of direction in 2018: My resolutions

A sense of direction in 2018 new year resolutions

2017 was the year I slacked off too much. I hardly wrote on here, I was depressed 90% of the time and I became stagnant. 2018 however, feels different. It feels important. 2017 felt important at the start of the year, and it was. It made me finally deal with my anxiety and depression, it made me cut ties with unhealthy relationships and it made me think about how I want my life to look. 2018 feels important because it's a fresh start to rebuild my life and create one I'm truly happy with and proud of. I feel hopeful and excited and I feel like I finally have a sense of direction after being stagnant for so long not knowing where I want to go or how to get there.

  My word for 2018: Rebuild  

I want to rebuild my life into one I'm truly happy with and proud of. I want to rebuild myself, learn new things, rebuild thought processes, rebuild opinions on stronger foundations, rebuild my standards, values and morals. I basically want to rewire my being to something more, something better, something I know I'm capable of being. I'm setting the bar higher for myself, I need to set an example of how I wish to be treated by treating myself the way I want others to treat me. 

  My goals/resolutions for 2018  

🌿 Finally finish my poetry & short story book
🌿 Start writing on my blog weekly again
🌿 Do 30 minutes of exercise at least 3 times a week
🌿 Start eating slightly healthier (no chocolate for breakfast yo)
🌿 Become more independent: learn how to drive & learn how to cook
🌿 Start learning Italian again
🌿 Read at least 12 books 
🌿 Replace trash t.v with tedtalks, documentaries & podcasts 90% of the time
🌿 Nourish my relationships more: become a better friend and family member.
🌿 Limit my use of technology
🌿 Learn to love myself and my own company by taking myself places alone
🌿 Wake up and go to sleep earlier: build a morning & evening routine that works for me

The main ones I want to stick to are finishing my book, eating healthier, learning to love myself, limiting my use of technology and becoming more independent. Hopefully, I'll be able to say I achieved all of them by the time 2019 rolls around though!

What are your resolutions for 2018?


  1. Can I just say your list of 2018 goals is probably the best one I've come across so far?
    The exercise and living healthier bit is very relatable. Better food choices and more discipline in terms of exercising is crucial for me at this point. Also I love the "replace trash TV" bit hahaha, that's one thing I'm proud of myself for finally doing last 2017. Much more rewarding, I swear! And the book thing sounds wonderful, best of luck on that!
    Have a lovely week <3

    Joanne | With Risa: A Lifestyle Blog

  2. I LOVE the learning Italian resolution! They all sound beneficial and do-able, but don't beat yourself up if a few things slip. That's life, and things are so fluid.

    I also need to 'replace' stagnant time with quality stuff. I'm going to put my resolutions on my blog soon but other than the usual ones, I'm going to try and write a poem a week; even if it's bad, I'm still writing something!

    Happy New Year Arora; I hope 2018 is your year!

    Jo x
    Jo Fisher Writes