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My "Give a shit" list 2018

My Give a shit list 2018

I published a post the other day about how I don't really care much for my life or the things in it. I used to think I was laid back but now I'm realising that actually, it's probably deeper than that and I should maybe sort it out a bit.
So that's what I'm doing. I'm making an active choice to give a shit about the things in my life. That sounds weird doesn't it because most people give a shit about their lives so much so they get drowned in worries and insecurities. Anyway, here's my "Give a shit" list. The things I will try to care about.

♡ What I'm putting into my body ♡ 

I don't want to be as obsessive as I was a few years back when I tried to reduce my sugar intake but I want to be more mindful about what I'm actually putting into my body food wise. This falls in line with one of my New Years Resolutions to eat healthier too.

♡ How I treat myself and how others treat me ♡ 

I want to treat myself kinder; I want to care about how I treat and speak to myself because that sets the example of how others should treat me too. I want to care when people treat me in a way that I do not deserve. I want to care when people speak down to me. I want to care enough to call them out on it and to tell them that actually, that won't stand and if they carry on they can fuck off.

♡  What I'm feeding my brain ♡ 

I've always said that the media, tv, social media etc. can be detrimental to one's mental health if one doesn't keep a close eye on what they're viewing/reading/hearing on a daily basis. I have fallen victim to not care what I'm looking at. I mean, fuck, I love a good self-deprecating meme but really, it's not exactly healthy is it. Another one of my resolutions was to replace netflix with TEDtalks, documentaries, and podcasts. (which I've stuck to mainly..can't resist a good friends marathon though, unfortunately. Damn netflix.) I need to nourish my brain with interesting content that elevates me rather feeding it shit that makes me compare myself to others and makes me feel as though I'm not ~enough~

♡ My future ♡ 

I've never planned nor envisioned my ~future~ because I never really believed I had one, I know, sounds stupid, but it's the truth. Now, I actually have a goal, I actually have direction and I actually believe I can reach where I want to be. I think I'm capable of having a fantastic life filled with magic, all I have to do now is say Yes and listen to the universe and my soul. I'm exactly where I should be and now, I have faith that I will be where I want to be in the future too. 

What would you like your future to be like?

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  1. This is so honest and so true, for me at least last year. This is a really positive thing to do and changing your thought processes around like that and planning for a future is really healthy. I too am trying to work on being a bit more educated and feeding my brain a bit more and also focusing on self care, good luck with it all!