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Where I've been - Changing my life in 365 days

Where I've been - Changing my life in 365 days\

The last post I wrote, apart from one complaining about my depression, I told y'all I was going to change my life in 365 days then didn't update you like I promised I would weekly. I do have a pretty decent reason though, when said I wanted to change my life I didn't realise the drastic change the universe had in store for me; I just figured I'd do a bit of yoga, go to therapy and maybe try new medication and go from there but lol nope I've moved country.

Okay so that sounds more dramatic than it really is. I've moved back to Wales. If you don't know, and I don't know how you wouldn't know, I'm welsh - I lived in Wales up until a month before my 13th birthday when my grandparents kicked me out then moved to Bournemouth to live with my Mum. I've flitted about living in communes and moving back to Wales for months at a time but always returning back to Bournemouth. But this time, it's different. 

I've wanted to move back home to Wales for a while; I missed my family, my accent and the mountains. I didn't think that I would move back there any time soon because I had a job and friends and a life in Bournemouth but I grew more and more unhappy. I was visiting Wales 2/3 times a month and £60 a pop so I decided to look for jobs around about the same time as my changing my life post. I didn't take job hunting seriously and only applied for 2 jobs.

I applied for Marks and Spencers cause I was already working in Waitrose and thought it wouldn't be much different. I only applied cause I was bored one day before work and I ended up getting an interview for the next day so I finished work and got the train down; smashed the interview and they offered me the job. It didn't feel right so I mulled it over afterwards and turned it down but I already had the buzz for living back in Wales so I had a look on Indeed. 

I came across a job at Able; it's a day centre for adults with Learning Disabilities; Downs, Autism etc. It was a trainee activities position working in the radio, crafts, photography, videography etc - I thought it was right up my street so I applied. They invited me for an informal chat cause I'd mentioned in my cover letter I was only down for a few days and would be going back to Bournemouth and a few weeks later I had a breakdown in a church (that stories on it's way don't you worry lol) and then they rang me to tell me I got the job. 

A week later, Rowan drove all the way down to help me move and I've been here just under 2 months - I'm happier than I was in Bournemouth and I will be continuing my life change in 365 days at the end of the month (when I get paid) cause at the moment everything up in the air.

Just thought I'd give y'all a quick update on where I've been :)) Soz if it's been a long boring post but I felt I had to explain 🤷

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  1. It seems like everything worked out for the better! I'm so happy to hear you got a job in the country you wanted to move back to. Can't wait for the next update!

    Melina |