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I'm back, for now.

I'm back, for now

This is the first time in months where I've felt compelled to actually write.
I don't know why I haven't been writing lately, it's not been a creative slump nor anything to do with writers block. I think because I've been transitioning in every part of my life, I had to take a step back from sharing. Now, if you know me, you'd know I'm a massive over-sharer; I post my life story on Instagram, my blog is very much all about me and my life and I make videos chatting shit when I'm most vulnerable to show my humanness. But for a while, I stopped. I didn't want everyone knowing the ins-and-outs of my life, I didn't want to share the joyous times in my life these past few months despite sharing the less-than-great times at the start of the year. I guess the past few months have been special and precious to me for some reason, even though they've not been ethereal, they still feel slightly sacred.

But now I want to share. I want to post life updates on my Instagram again about the books I've been reading, the places I've been going and the people I've been spending my time with. I want to write diary-esque posts about my life, even the most ~mundane~ of events, more for myself than for you guys. I want to share my poetry and videos and art with you all without the pressure or fear of whether it's good or not.

Social media is berated for only showing the highlights of one's life but I want to, and more importantly, I am now ready, to share my humanness on the most authentic level. The good, the bad, the mundane; for no other reason than the fact I love to write and I love to create and I love to share.

I wrote about wanting to change my life in 365 days; I'm not sure how many days have passed since then or how many days I have left until my time is essentially ~up~ but what I do know is that the second I declared I wanted change to the universe, that crafty motherfucker went to town and flipped my life around in the most tremendous way. My life is changing, slowly and yet faster than I expected, and I'm so fucking here for it!

I can't promise you a schedule in which I will be posting because I don't know whether my mind will change and I'll become reluctant to share again, but I really, really hope to be posting weekly on here and near enough daily on instagram (so if you're not following me, click this link:

Keep your eyes peeled,

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  1. Eh post when you can! I’m totally with you about life being in transition. It can be a bit much - even if it’s positive. I think it can be healthy to take a break from writing for a bit. You do you, boo ��