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The Shepherd's hut

The trees sway in the foreground as evening meets nightfall, gradually turning the sky a dusky pink.
I lie there, frightened to break the silence, wrapped in soft blankets and your arms, thinking about how much I wish to kiss you. Our fire crackles and leaves rustle in the slight rose-gold hue as birds quietly sing lullabies in their self-built homes.
Above us, stars illuminate the ever-growing navy sky and twinkle, flirting between life and death. A shooting star soars across the sky and my heart races with excitement, the last shooting star I ever recall seeing was a late night trip to the airport when I was six, heat blowing in my face and my tired eyes mustered up enough energy to look up as I stepped out of the coach door and it was gone in a blink of an eye. I've truly never lived a more fantastic moment; so peaceful and serene. I think I could live like this forever. The breeze starts to increase and you pull me closer trying to mix our body heat, I just lie there looking up at the stars and clouds in complete bliss.


You've been fighting with fire no less than 10 minutes before it finally catches and the flames start to curl and climb up the logs. The sun starts to set leaving a vibrant peach glow across the valleys, I look up as you sit down next to me, a smug smile forms upon your face, drenched in satisfaction from finally starting the fire. I watch you as you become hypnotised by the dancing flames, the gleam in your eyes grow brighter with every passing moment and the smug smile slowly transforms into a content, peaceful one. You turn to me and ask if I'd like to put a log on the fire, before I could answer, you quickly add
"Not too big though, and not too small" I look down for a split second and you meet me with an excited grin and a log in your hand "How about this one?" you ask as I erupt into laughter.

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