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What do I need today?

what do I need today?

I woke up hungover today; my head hurt, the light stung my eyes and I felt like every burp was going to be accompanied by projectile vomit (yum.) Row and I decided to go to spoons, because c'mon, what other place do you go for hangover food?

On our way home, both of us feeling worse than before, I thought to myself:

"What do I need today?" 
I sat with the question for a while, I knew I wouldn't be able to do all the things I wanted to do today because of how I was feeling, I also knew I'd feel even worse come this evening if I had achieved fuck all, so I needed a compromise. 

I came up with this: 
I need to take things slow today because my body is in no state to be pushed, I need to tidy the bedroom because it will make me feel better and I will thank myself for it later. I need to have a nap and I need to stay hydrated 
(with actual water, not just coffee.) 

Asking myself this question made everything a hell of a lot clearer, so I think I'll ask myself the same question each morning from now on, giving myself a chance to really think about what I need for that day, that moment of time, and then act accordingly. Some days will be better than others, but as long as I'm listening to myself, I can't go wrong. 


What do you need today?

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