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What brings me Joy

I became a Mum 2 weeks and 2 days ago. I have been in Mum mode ever since and I have so much to be grateful for. Here's a list of everything that makes me happy at the moment. 

seeing baby E smile (even if it's just her passing wind), watching Rowan be a Dad and seeing how naturally it comes to him, having a hot cup of coffee, baby E having a poo after being in pain with wind all day, my lavender plants blooming, sunflowers, record players, vinyls, surprise gifts, finding money, seeing how good Gus is with the baby,  listening to people talk about things they love, cats, kittens, animals in general, bettering myself, accepting i'm great in the here and now, writing poetry, reading poetry, making videos, eating chocolate spread and breadsticks, cwtchies, listening to old emo music and have it make me feel happy instead of depressed, fluffy slippers, iced caramel lattes, 
feeling at one within myself, finding a book that just hits the right spot, pretty underwear that makes you feel on fire, realising who your true friends are, seeing people succeed in life, not feeling bitter towards people, watching films wrapped in a duvet, clean bed sheets, feeling the sun upon my face, feeling like i'm good at what I do,  being comfortable within my own skin, choosing to get help with mental illness, 3am wake up calls from my cat trying to sing, people telling me they love me and are proud of me, not needing anyone but myself to tell me those things, spending quality time with my mumma, oreos dunked in tea, pretty cups,  feeling like 'yeah, life ain't too bad', the colour yellow.

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