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Arora Casa-Grande-Appleby is a writer, videographer and artist based in a little town within South Wales.

I started this blog to guide me through the motions of life - to help me be unapologetically myself. I want it to show you that you're not alone, I want it to reassure you that other people have embarrassing stories, have weird irrational thoughts and become lost at times. I want this blog to help us - you and I - embrace our authentic selves.

“I want to choose happiness and love every single day.
I want to work hard and write like my life depends on it.
I want to fall and fail, laugh and learn. Scream "fuck you" to my doubts, my insecurities and anyone else who encourages them. I want to live in wonder of the magic of the universe, I want to live in grace, in elegance, in clumsiness, and in uncertainty.”

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Arora Appleby