Too Much / Not Enough

I’m Arora Casa-Grande-Appleby and sometimes, I think I’m not enough because I’m too much of everything all at once. No, it doesn’t make sense to me either.

I’m too caring, I ask if someones okay about 4 times before I believe them. I’m too talkative when I’m comfortable with you and too quiet when I’m not. I’m too much of a pushover and yet I’m too aggressive. I love myself too much and love other people even more. I’m too needy, too clingy and too unsure. I’m too opinionated but too quiet when I want to share those opinions. I’m too excitable, too annoying, too pretentious and too compassionate. I cry too much and laugh too much. I express my v e r y (!) i n t e n s e feelings too much. I’m too open yet too closed, my humour is too dark and too simple. I’m too sensitive, I’m too direct, I’m too honest, I’m too materialistic. I’m too much of everything and yet not enough.

But that’s not true, is it. I mean, I am too much of all of those things, but I am also enough. Because and in-spite of it.