Saying Goodbye

I welcomed many ‘Hello’s in-between the spaces of the Goodbye’s I had to make in 2018. But saying Goodbye is always so much harder than saying Hello.

Hello is exciting, it’s nerve-wracking. It’s different each time but also the same. Hello is safe, even when you’re stepping into the unknown. Hello is an addition to your life. A goodbye..isn’t.

A Goodbye is hard. A Goodbye is a realisation of never seeing someone again. A Goodbye is having to find a use for all the information about that one person inside your mind. A goodbye is knowing what’s lost. Knowledge of something missing. Something - someone - who’s been a part of your life for so long, gone. A Goodbye is permanent and it’s scary. It’s heartbreaking and strange. But I’ve learned Goodbye’s have to happen to move onto the next stage in life. To grow, you have to be able to say Goodbye to anyone and anything that’s not serving you anymore.

Goodbye’s are necessary but I much prefer farewell-for-now’s.