I'm Arora Appleby, a 25 year old woman from South Wales who swears too much, drinks too much coffee and has too many pets. This is my little space on the internet to chat shit, give opinions that no-one really asked for, tell you about my favourite books/music/series/films/places/food etc. in case you're into it too, and to document all the lessons I've learned in life thus far. But ultimately, this is so I remember everything from my youthful days when I'm grey and old.

A bit more:

🌙 I'm looking to train as a counsellor in 2021

🌙 My favourite food is fajitas 

🌙 I have 4 cats

🌙 I'm getting married August 2021

🌙 I don't want children

🌙 I'm a cancerian sun, taurus moon & libra rising

🌙 My life purpose is to help people

🌙 I used to live in a commune

🌙 I grew up and was raised by old school hippies

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