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So let me start by introducing myself, a bit like how they do on 'Take me out'

Hello lovelies, you're looking mighty fine tonight! 
My name is Arora Appleby, I'm 22 years old and I'm from Bournemouth!
*queue excited clapping and wooing*

I'm an open person who likes to dive straight into the deep end of conversations, I can't deal with mindless small talk so it usually makes me think I'm not very good at socialising but that's not the case, I love a good chin wag and making new friends! This blog is a mixture of diary-esque posts, rambles about things you only talk about at 3am drunk off cheap cider, little life lessons and I'll throw a few reviews into the mix as well. So if you're nosey like me and love reading insights in other peoples lives, welcome aboard sailor because there will be no restrictions or censoring however scary that may be at times.

Now, enough about me and more about WHY I started this blog - I started this blog to guide me through the motions of life - to help me be unapologetically myself. I hope this blog does the same for you too: I want it to show you that you're not alone. I want it to reassure you that other people have embarrassing stories, have weird irrational thoughts and become lost at times. I want this blog to help us - you and I - embrace our authentic selves.

Disclaimer:I am a PR Friendly blog, however, all views are those of my own.

Sponsored posts will be marked with an asterisk (*) and all content, including sponsored posts, will be formed of my own honest opinion(s) 


  1. Ok seriously, how can someone have such a cool and unique name?! It's so perfect for a blogger! Also, I'm so with you, small talk is so pointless. I just want to get to the point where we talk about things that actually matter, not dodge around saying boring things!
    Your blog is lovely, keep it up girl!

    1. Aw thanks love! My name has always been a bugger when it comes to finding personalised things though ahaha and I agree give me your theories on the universe and the stars above over what you ate for dinner last night (unless it was REALLY tasty then hmu) x

  2. You followed my Instagram, thanks btw. Accidentally I looked up your blog and I think I fancy your sense of humour. Love uu