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I'm back!

Long time, no speak! 

I stopped writing for a good few years for a number of reasons (more to come on that soon!) 
A lot has gone on since I stopped blogging - writing - whatever you want to call it.

I got too caught up in the 'blogging' world, which don't get me wrong, isn't a bad thing. But for me, it was. It lead to a shit ton of comparison, writing what i thought people would want to read rather than just writing from the heart and being authentic with it. The more views my blog got, the more self conscious I became. I still feel a little uneasy sharing deep shit on the internet cause you never know who's reading.
I went for a job interview and once I got the job my boss told me he had read my blog which i think sparked the 2-3 year hiatus tbh. 

But, I've missed it. I've missed sitting down and typing a load of bollocks that i think or feel or memories that I want to remember. I miss helping people with my words. If you're an OG, you know my love of self development and spirituality so you can expect a lot of that still, too! 

If you've never met me before (online or offline) and somehow stumbled upon my website then I guess an Introduction is in order.

I'm Arora Appleby, I'm a 25 year old woman from South Wales who swears too much, drinks too much coffee and has too many pets. This is my little space on the internet to chat shit, give opinions that no-one really asked for, tell you about my favourite books/music/series/films/places/food etc. in case you're into it too, and to document all the lessons I've learned in life thus far. But ultimately, this is so I remember everything from my youthful days when I'm grey and old.

If you want to follow along and read then happy days, drop me a line in the comments or my instagram (shameless plug) if not then that's cool too.

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