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Things I'll probably regret

Regrets are inevitable, you can argue that everything happens for a reason and therefor regrets don't exist, and whilst I consciously agree with you, my subconscious at 3am reminding me of all of my regrets, doesn't, so i'm gunna be a sneaky fucker and put potential future regrets in writing so i have a fighting chance of these things not actually becoming regrets... does that make sense?

Here are things I will probably regret:

Saying yes when I wanted to say no, saying no when I wanted to say yes. Making decisions based on other people's happiness, not making any decisions at all. Spending too much time thinking I'm not pretty enough, smart enough, interesting enough or good enough. Worrying about embarrassing myself through my words or actions, worrying over other people's opinions of me. Not dancing when I want, singing when and as loud as I want, laughing when I want or crying when I want. Suppressing the fizzy feeling in my stomach when I'm excited, suppressing any emotions at all. Not speaking up: for my values, my beliefs or my opinions. Letting words warp my opinion of myself. Not acting in accordance with my soul, not spreading enough love, not smiling enough. Allowing people to make me feel inferior, shrinking myself to elevate another. Disregarding myself: my wants and my needs. Holding on to friends who bring nothing to my life, losing friends who bring love and happiness to my life. Not speaking with integrity, not acting with compassion. Not being who I am and who I want to be. Not living and trying as much as I know I'm capable of and not being as happy as I can be.

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