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It's cool to care

People say “I used to care but then I got tired of being hurt so I stopped giving a fuck” and it makes my soul sad. I’ve fallen victim to this in the past thinking "fuck it," why bother. But then I stopped myself, I stopped and thought how fucking ridiculous that is. I am not kind nor compassionate because people want me to be, I am kind and compassionate because it’s intertwined with my DNA – it’s who I am as a person. 

There is not a limit on the amount of love or kindness I have within me so there is no reason to why I should pick and choose who I deal it out to. People may see it as being taken for a mug, but who’s the real mug? The person distributing an abundance of love to everyone they meet or the person backhanding that love away because they prefer a loveless life? Just because you have been hurt in the past, just because you feel you have been walked over for being too kind or too caring, doesn’t mean you should change who you are, it doesn’t mean you should stop giving a fuck altogether.

When I die, I want to know that I loved and cared as much as possible. I want to use up all of my kindness and compassion because no one can make you feel bad for being a good person. Being a heartless cunt might be in fashion at the moment but it’s not a trend I want any part of. People who don’t give a fuck are liars. I don't trust them, not one bit - anyone who can lie that hard and that well to themselves would have no problem lying to anyone else. I understand it hurts when people betray you, especially the ones you loved and trusted with your entire being, but there is no terms and conditions connected to love or kindness - there is no contract stating that you will be treated the same in return. Love and kindness come on a no strings attached basis, you do not give love or kindness just to receive it, you give it because you’re a kind, loving person. Give it to everyone until they prove they do not appreciate it and do not wish to receive it any more. Do not let liars who “don’t give a fuck” stop you from being the beautiful human that you are.

Love wholeheartedly and you will live a rich, magical life. Don’t turn into the wicked witch because your kindness wasn’t appreciated by an insignificant troll. Shine bright like the sun and share your light with the world.

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